Ashley MacIsaac

Show 123: Ashley MacIsaac – Lay Me Down

Ashley MacIsaac

Ashley MacIsaac is a Canadian fiddler, singer and songwriter from Cape Breton Island. MacIsaac’s album Hi™ How Are You Today?, featuring the hit single “Sleepy Maggie”, with vocals in Scottish Gaelic by Mary Jane Lamond was released in 1995. During his early career, MacIsaac subtly acknowledged that he was gay, but avoided explicitly coming out to the press. He officially came out as gay in 1996 after Frank, a Canadian gossip magazine, published a cover story about his sexuality. On a 1997 Late Night with Conan O’Brien appearance, his leg kick lifted his kilt high enough that his genitals were visible to the studio audience, although they were blurred out in post-production before the actual broadcast. MacIsaac has declared an interest in politics and has stated, in a letter to the National Post, that he is studying constitutional law so as to pursue an entry into Canadian federal politics. In 2013, he again suggested to the press that he was interested in entering politics, although he did not specify which political party he was interested in running for.

Ashley MacIsaac published an autobiography, Fiddling With Disaster: Clearing the Past in 2003

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