Audrey Bilger

Audrey BilgerAudrey Bilger is Professor of Literature and Faculty Director of the Center for Writing and Public Discourse atClaremont McKenna College. Bilger currently serves on the Ms. Magazine Committee of Scholars and is the Gender and Sexuality Section Editor of The Los Angeles Review of Books. She is on the editorial boards of Pickering and Chatto’s Gender and Genre Series and The Burney Journal] Bilger’s work focuses on comedy, Jane Austen, the English novel, feminist theory, popular culture, and gender and sexuality. In addition to her traditional academic writing, she has written for The Los Angeles Times, The Paris Review, The Women’s Review of Books, The Los Angeles Review of Books and ROCKRGRL. Bilger is a regular contributor to Bitch magazine,Ms. Magazine and the Ms. Blog, where she frequently covers issues pertaining to same-sex marriage and LGBT rights. Bilger’s most recent book, Here Come the Brides! Reflections on Lesbian Love and Marriage, co-edited with Michele Kort (Seal Press, 2012), is a collection of essays, stories and visual images that takes a “multidimensional look at how opening up the traditional order of ‘man and wife’ to include the possibility of ‘wife and wife’ is altering our social landscape.” Bilger is married to Cheryl Pawelski, founder of Omnivore Recordings (Bilger came up with the company’s name), and she has consulted and offered project assistance on numerous records, such as The Band: A Musical History, Big Star: Keep an Eye on the Sky, and the growing Omnivore catalog.

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