Norman B has long been known for his forward thinking on music, often discovering new acts before they gain wide public attention. Barzin is one such talent Norman has raved about and set about getting the Canadian musician on the program. Barzin is a singer-songwriter known for his slow and melancholic songs.  A project that began sometime in 1995, Barzin was a solo endeavor at its inception, the work of Barzin Hosseini. Somewhere along the way, however, Barzin shed its solitary skin and introduced a wide array of characters into its sound. From amongst a rotating cast of musicians, who occasionally made appearances on recordings and at performances, three individuals slowly became a fixture of this project. With the addition of these musicians the sound of the music has continued to remain true to the aesthetics of quietness and minimalism. It still concerns itself with exploring the quiet side of pop. In 2003, Barzin released its self-titled debut album through the Montreal-based label, Where Are My Records. The following year an E.P. titled Songs for Hinah, was released through the French based label, Hinah. And in 2006, the second full-length album titled My Life In Rooms. Barzin‘s third album, Notes to an Absent Lover, was released in 2009. Barzin has a new album due for release in early 2014. More information about Barzin available here.

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