Norman B‘s interviews are legendary. Since the late 70’s he has chatted with rising stars to superstars, unexpected newsmakers to career politicians, revered celebrities to aspiring entrepreneurs with a conversational approach, never confrontational but always inquisitive and thoughtful.

The Guest List

Lynsey Addario Photo-Journalist, Author  Website | On Amazon
Adrian & Mysterious D Mash Up DJ’s  Website
Carrie Akre Musician  On Wikipedia |  On Amazon

Martin Atkins
Martin Atkins
Musician, Producer, Educator
On MyspaceOn Amazon

Mark Aldridge Professor
Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson Autism Activist  Website
Sebastian Anthony Journalist  Website
Sergey Armeyskov Journalist, Blogger  Website

Nicholson Baker
Nicholson Baker  Author
On Wikipedia | On Amazon

Erin Arvedlund Journalist, Author  On Wikipedia | On Amazon
Colette Bancroft Journalist, Book Editor
Greg Barris Comedian  On Amazon

Barzin  Musician, Poet
Website |  On Amazon 

James Bass Professor of Music
Joe Belcastro Journalist, Film Critic
Walt Belcher TV & Media Critic
Owen Benjamin Actor, Writer, Comedian  Website | On Amazon

Jesse Bering
Jesse Bering
Author, Psychologist
Website On Amazon

Yudhijit Bhattacharjee  Author Website |  On Amazon
Zac Bissonnette Author  On Amazon
Sandra Block  Author  Website | On Amazon

Audrey Bilger
Audrey Bilger
Professor of Literature, Author
On Amazon

Alex Boese Curator Museum of Hoaxes  Website
Bianca Bosker  Author Website | On Amazon
Danny Buday Actor  Website

Paul Buckley
Paul Buckley
Penguin Classics Creative Director

Bryan Burrough  Author Website | On Amazon
Mark Burstein Lewis Carroll Society
Jowita Bydlowska Author  On Amazon
John Byrne Cooke Author, Photographer, Musician  Website | On Amazon
Jimmie Cain History Professor  Website

Christopher Chabris
Christopher Chabris
Research Psychologist & Professor of Psychology

John Chew Scrabble Master
Nick Clift Musician
Sue Coe  Artist, Illustrator, Activist  On Wikipedia | On Amazon | On Artnet
Matthew Collin Author  On Amazon
Alan Connor Author, TV Producer  Website
Stephanie Coontz Author, Historian  WebsiteOn Amazon

Ted Corless
Ted Corliss


David Cowles  Illustrator, Graphic Artist Website 
Brian Cullman Author, Musician Website
Gianni Couji  Editor, Creative Director & Founder Ubikwist Magazine  Website
Eric Deggans Journalist  Website
Michael Dennis Fan Chant Curator

Wreckless Eric
Wreckless Eric
Website | On Amazon

Jo Rae Di Menno  Press Agent Website
Michael Des Barres
 Musician, Actor Website | On Amazon
Don Doughtry 
Retired Pastor
Tim Dowling
  Author, Journalist  On Wikipedia | On Amazon

Clark Elliott
Clark Elliott Ph.D
On Amazon

Stephen Duncombe  Author, Activist  Website
Sean Dunne 
Documentary Filmmaker  Website
Susan Edwards
 Erotic Book Publisher
Kenneth Eisold  Psychologist

Jordan Ellenberg
Jordan Eilenberg
Professor & Author
WebsiteOn Amazon

Joe Englander  Attorney  About
Roben Farzad  Author  On Amazon

Rafe Esquith
Rafe Esquith
Award Winning Teacher & Author
WebsiteOn Amazon

James Fetzer  Journalist, Professor  On Amazon
Lyndsay Faye  Author  Website | On Amazon
Joseph Finder  Author WebsiteOn Amazon
Fayette Fox  Author  Website |  On Amazon

Verlyn Flieger
Verlyn Flieger
Professor of History

Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni  Author  On Amazon
Tana French  Author  Website |  On Amazon
Marty Friedman  Musician  WebsiteOn Amazon
Lindsay Fulcher  Journalist, Lewis Carroll Expert  On Amazon
Agustín Fuentes  Anthropologist & Author  On Wikipedia |  On Amazon
Gillian Gaar  Author, Journalist  On Amazon
Randy Gainforth  Mental Health Counselor
Marcus Gardley  Playwright, Actor On Wikipedia |  On Amazon
Julie Garisto  Journalist
Dana Gavanski  Musician On Bandcamp
Gregory Gerdman  Professor of Biology, Neurophysiologist

Masha Gessen
Masha Gessen  Author
On Amazon

Shelly Gitlow  Author Website
Spud Goodman  Talk Show Host Website
Jonathan Gottschall  Author  WebsiteOn Amazon
Aaron Ghitelman  HeadCount  Website
Lucia Graves  Author, Writer At The Guardian

Paul Greenberg
Paul Greenberg  Author
On Amazon

Fanni Green  Theatre Professor
Heather Greene  Author, Whiskey Expert  On Amazon
Annabelle Gurwitch Actress, Author, Humorist  Website
Hugh Gusterson Professor of Anthropology, Author  On Amazon

Prof Francois Grosjean
Francois Grosjean  Professor

Mark Haskell Smith  Author  Website |  On Amazon
Dave Hill  Comedian, Writer, Musician, Actor, Radio Host  Website
Lisa Hilton  Author  Website
Michael Hendricks  Clinical Psychologist
Richard Hill  Author, DNA Expert  On Amazon
Rachel Hills  Journalist  On Amazon

Peter James
Peter James  Author
Website | On Amazon

Beth Hoffman  Author  Website |  On Amazon
George Hodgkin  Author  WebsiteOn Amazon
Gail Honeyman  Author  On Amazon
John Hooper  Author, Journalist  On Wikipedia |  On Amazon

Glyn Johns
Glenn Johns
Record Producer, Engineer

Tim Howard  Sports Journalist
Robert Hunziker  Environmental Activist, Author
Catherine Hyde  Transgender Activist
Joshua Idehen  Musician – Hugh  On Soundcloud

Eric Kaplan
Eric Kaplan
Author, Humorist
On Wikipedia

Siv Jakobsen  Musician  On Amazon
Chip Jacobs  Author  Website
Anise K. Strong  History Professor
Binoy Kampmark  Professor of Global, Urban and Social Studies

Michael Keeffe
Michael Keefe
Transgender Activist

Carolyn Kellogg  Journalist
Debbie Kennett   History & Names Expert
Josh Klenert   Art Director
Jarett Kobek  Author  On Amazon
Jeremy Kolosine  Musician, Producer

Nancy Kells/Spartan Jet-Plex
Nancy Kells 

Jeffrey Kluger  Author
Marty Kove  Actor
Chad Kultchen  Author

Philip Kennicott
Philip Kennicott 
Art and Architecture Critic/Author

BJ Leiderman  Musician, Composer  WebsiteOn Amazon
Gary Lemons  Professor & Author
Leaone  Musician Website On Amazon

Robert Klitzman
Robert Klitzman  Psychiatrist, Bioethicist

Joyce Levine  Astrologer
Dan Levy  Actor, Comedian,
Philip Lieberman  Cognitive Scientist, Author

Julie Langford
Julie Langford
Professor of History

Larry Loftis  Author
Lisa Long  Autism Activist
Helen Ma  Elvis Presley Fan
Jon Macks  Author & Comedy Writer
Dr. Rogy Masri  Doctors Without Borders

Andrew Matheson
Andrew Matheson
On Amazon

Jason Matthew Smith  Actor
Kelly McBride  Journalist
Mark McClusky  Journalist, Author
Thomas McNamee  Author  WebsiteOn Amazon

Fraser McAlpine
Fraser McAlpine  Author

Sean McQuaid  Attorney
Ellen Meister  Author
Peter Miller  Bookstore Owner & Author  Website
Toby Miller  Social Scientist, Author

Ian McLagan
Ian McLagan  Musician

Michelle Miller  Author
Jessica Misener  Journalist
Terry Morgan  Producer,Promoter, Musician
Adam Morris  Producer, Promoter, Musical Archivist

Sir Mix A-Lot
Sir Mix-A-Lot
Rap Artist, Producer

Dave Muscato  American Atheists
Maria Mutch  Author
Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick  The Etiquette School of New York

Erin Moore
Erin Moore  Author
On Amazon

Stephen O’Connor  Author  On Amazon
Chris O’Leary  Author  On Amazon
Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz  Author
Arkady Ostrovsky  Author

Robert Newman
Robert Newman 
Creative Director

Rex Parker  Crossword Champion
Felicia Pennant  Editor & Founder Season Zine
Dan Peters  Author
Lisa Jane Persky  Author, Actress, Media Observer
Mitch Phillips  Sports Journalist

Patrick O'Neil
Patrick O’Neil  Author
Website | On Amazon

Polyenso  Musical group
Henry Porter  Editor, Journalist,Author
Merry Carole Powers  Author, Creative Director, Branding Expert
Daniel Post Senning  Grandson of Emily Post

Robert Priest
Robert Priest
Creative Director

Clare Price  Author
Jaun R. Sanches Ramos  Professor of Neurology
Robin Ramsay  Journalist

Dr. Lydia Pyne
Dr. Lydia Pyne  Author

Drew Ramsey  Professor, Author
Merl Reagle  Crossword Constructor
Ted Rechel  Attorney
Larry Reid  Comic Book Curator
Amy Rigby  Singer-songwriter

Dr. Adrian Raine
Adrian Raine
Psychologist, Author

Julie Rehmeyer  Author WebsiteOn Amazon
Colin Robinson  Publisher  Website
Erin Robinsong  Poet
Augustus Rose  Author Website On Amazon
Charles Rose  Law Professor
Bob Ross  TV & Media Critic

Candi Sari
Candi Sary  Author
Website | On Amazon

Elda Rotor  Penguin Classics publisher
Robert Rotstein  Author, Attorney
Matthew Rusnak  Author
Allen Salkin  Author
Samana  Musicians  On Bandcamp

Rebecca Scherm
Rebecca Scherm  Author
Website | On Amazon

John Sarrouf  Activist
Stacey Scheckner  Psychologist
Zoe Schein  Journalist

Gene Sculatti
Gene Sculatti
Journalist, Music Expert
On Amazon 

Stephen Shore  Author, Autism Activist
Susan Sisley M.D.  Researcher, Investigator

Mark Haskell Smith
Mark Haskell Smith  Author

Peter Sprigg  Family Research Council
Cassie St. Onge  Comedy Writer,Author
Jerry Stahl  Author

Tracy Slater
Tracy Slater  Author

Emma Straub  Author
John Szwed  Author
Jillian Steiner  Journalist, Cultural Critic
Sonia Taitz  Author  WebsiteOn Amazon

Shira Tarrant
Shira Tarrant
Professor, Author

Peter Tatchell  Human Rights Advocate
Robert Tornello  Eco Farmer
David Ulin  Journalist, Author
Sam Vaknin  Author, Narcissist
Lynn Waddell  Author
Martin Wainwright  Journalist, Author
David Warner  Magazine Editor
Kyle Warfield  Graphic Designer
Ed Webb  Professor of Political Science
Brandon Wallace  Author & Activist
Marilyn Wedge  Therapist & Author
Kris Weston  Musician, Producer

Yan Weymouth
Yann Weymouth  Architect
On Wikipedia

Sam Wilkin  Author  Website On Amazon
Garry Wills  Author  On Amazon
Antoine Wilson  Author

Ben Yagoda
Ben Yagoda  Author
On Amazon

Laurie Winer  Journalist
Stephen Witt  Author  On Amazon
Martin Wolf  Journalist, Author

Martin Youth Glover
Musician, Producer
On Wikipedia

Colin Woodard  Author, Journalist
Heather Worthington  Professor
Jason Yeomans Filmmaker, Photographer  On Amazon

Andy Zax
Andy Zax  
Journalist, Musicologist

Dan Zanes  Musician & Activist
Matthew Ziff  Actor
Lorraine Ziff  Actress, Producer
Katherine Zoepf  Author, Journalist
Zuzu  Singer-songwriter

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