Norman B‘s interviews are legendary, since the late 70’s he has chatted with rising stars to superstars, unexpected newsmakers to career politicians, revered celebrities to aspiring entrepreneurs with a conversational approach, never confrontational but always inquisitive and thoughtful.

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The Guest List

Lynsey Addario – Photo-Journalist, Author
Adrian & Mysterious D – Mash Up DJ’s
Carrie Akre – Musician
Mark Aldridge – Professor
Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson – Autism Activist
Sebastian Anthony – Journalist
Sergey Armeyskov – Journalist, Blogger
Erin Arvedlund – Journalist, Author
Martin Atkins – Musician, Producer, Educator
Nicholson Baker – Author
Colette Bancroft – Journalist, Book Editor
Daniel Barre – Video Director
Barzin – Musician, Poet
James Bass – Professor of Music
Joe Belcastro – Journalist, Film Critic
Walt Belcher – TV & Media Critic
Owen Benjamin – Actor, Writer,Comedian
Jesse Bering – Author, Psychologist
Audrey Bilger – Professor of Literature, Author
Zac Bissonnette – Author
Sandra Block – Author
Alex Boese – Curator Museum of Hoaxes
Paul Buckley – Penguin Classics Creative Director
Danny Buday – Actor
Mark Burstein – Lewis Carroll Society
Jowita Bydlowska – Author
John Byrne Cooke – Author, Photographer, Musician
Jimmie Cain – History Professor
Christopher Chabris – Research Psychologist & Professor of Psychology
John Chew – Scrabble Master
Nick Clift – Musician
Matthew Collin – Author
Alan Connor – Author, TV Producer
Stephanie Coontz – Author, Historian
Ted Corliss – Attorney
Brian Cullman – Author, Musician
Giannie Couji – Ubikwist Magazine – Editor, Creative Director & Founder
Eric Deggans – Journalist
Michael Dennis – Fan Chant Curator
Jo Rae Di Menno – Press Agent
Michael Des Barres – Musician, Actor
Don Doughtry – Retired Pastor
Tim Dowling – Author, Journalist
Sean Dunne – Documentary Filmmaker
Wreckless Eric – Musician
Susan Edwards – Erotic Book Publisher
Kenneth Eisold – Psychologist
Clark Elliott Ph.D – Author
Jordan Ellenberg – Professor & Author
Joe Englander – Attorney
Rafe Esquith – Award Winning Teacher & Author
James Fetzer – Journalist, Professor
Verlyn Flieger – Professor of History
Lyndsay Faye – Author
Joseph Finder – Author
Fayette Fox – Author
Tana French – Author
Marty Friedman – Musician
Lindsay Fulcher – Journalist, Lewis Carroll Expert
Gillian Gaar – Author, Journalist
Randy Gainforth – Mental Health Counselor
Marcus Gardley – Playwright,Actor
Julie Garisto – Journalist
Gregory Gerdman – Professor of Biology, Neurophysiologist
Masha Gessen – Author
Shelly Gitlow – Author
Jonathan Gottschall – Author
Aaron Ghitelman – HeadCount
Fanni Green – Theatre Professor
Paul Greenberg – Author
Francois Grosjean – Professor
Annabelle Gurwitch – Actress, Author, Humorist
Hugh Gusterson – Professor of Anthropology, Author
Mark Haskell Smith – Author
Dave Hill – Comedian, Writer, Musician, Actor, Radio Host,
Lisa Hilton – Author
Michael Hendricks – Clinical Psychologist
Richard Hill – Author, DNA Expert
Rachel Hills – Journalist
Beth Hoffman – Author
George Hodgman – Author
John Hooper – Author, Journalist
Tim Howard – Sports Journalist
Robert Hunziker – Environmental Activist, Author
Catherine Hyde – Transgender Activist
Joshua Idehen – Musician – Hugh
Peter James – Author
Siv Jakobsen – Musician
Chip Jacobs – Author
Glenn Johns – Record Producer, Engineer
Anise K. Strong – History Professor
Binoy Kampmark – Professor of Global, Urban and Social Studies
Eric Kaplan – Author, Humorist
Michael Keefe – Transgender Activist
Carolyn Kellogg – Journalist
Nancy Kells – Musician/Artist
Debbie Kennett – History & Names Expert
Philip Kennicott – Art and Architecture Critic/Author
Josh Klenert – Art Director
Robert Klitzman – Psychiatrist, Bioethicist
Jeffrey Kluger – Author
Jeremy Kolosine – Musician, Producer
Marty Kove – Actor
Chad Kultchen – Author
Julie Langford – Professor of History
Gary Lemons – Professor & Author
Joyce Levine – Astrologer
Dan Levy – Actor, Comedian,
Philip Lieberman – Cognitive Scientist, Author
Larry Loftis – Author
Lisa Long – Autism Activist
Helen Ma – Elvis Presley Fan
Jon Macks – Author & Comedy Writer
Dr. Rogy Masri – Doctors Without Borders
Jason Matthew Smith – Actor
Andrew Matheson – Author/Musician
Kelly McBride – Journalist
Mark McClusky – Journalist,Author
Ian McLagan – Musician
Sean McQuaid – Attorney
Ellen Meister – Author
Toby Miller – Social Scientist, Author
Michelle Miller – Author
Jessica Misener – Journalist
Sir Mix-A-Lot – Rap Artist, Producer
Erin Moore – Author
Terry Morgan – Producer,Promoter, Musician
Adam Morris – Producer, Promoter, Musical Archivist
Dave Muscato – American Atheists
Maria Mutch – Author
Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick – The Etiquette School of New York
Robert Newman – Creative Director
Stephen O’Connor – Author
Chris O’Leary – Author
Patrick O’Neil – Author
Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz – Author
Arkady Ostrovsky – Author
Rex Parker – Crossword Champion
Felicia Pennant – Editor & Founder Season Zine
Dan Peters – Author
Lisa Jane Persky – Author, Actress, Media Observer
Mitch Phillips – Sports Journalist
Polyenso – Musical group
Henry Porter – Editor, Journalist,Author
Merry Carole Powers – Author, Creative Director, Branding Expert
Daniel Post Senning – Grandson of Emily Post
Clare Price – Author
Robert Priest – Creative Director
Dr. Lydia Pyne – Author
Jaun R. Sanches Ramos – Professor of Neurology
Adrian Raine – Psychologist, Author
Robin Ramsay – Journalist
Drew Ramsey – Professor, Author
Merl Reagle – Crossword Constructor
Ted Rechel – Attorney
Larry Reid – Comic Book Curator
Amy Rigby – Singer-songwriter
Erin Robinsong – Poet
Charles Rose – Law Professor
Bob Ross – TV & Media Critic
Elda Rotor – Penguin Classics publisher
Robert Rotstein – Author, Attorney
Matthew Rusnak – Author
Allen Salkin – Author
John Sarrouf – Activist
Candi Sary – Author
Stacey Scheckner – Psychologist
Zoe Schein – Journalist
Rebecca Scherm – Author
Gene Sculatti – Journalist, Music Expert
Stephen Shore – Author, Autism Activist
Susan Sisley M.D. – Researcher,Investigator
Tracy Slater – Author
Peter Sprigg – Family Research Council
Cassie St. Onge – Comedy Writer,Author
Jerry Stahl – Author
Emma Straub – Author
John Szwed – Author
Jillian Steiner – Journalist, Cultural Critic
Shira Tarrant – Professor, Author
Peter Tatchell – Human Rights Advocate
Robert Tornello – Eco Farmer
David Ulin – Journalist, Author
Sam Vaknin – Author, Narcissist
Lynn Waddell – Author
Martin Wainwright – Journalist, Author
David Warner – Magazine Editor
Kyle Warfield – Graphic Designer
Ed Webb – Professor of Political Science
Brandon Wallace – Author & Activist
Marilyn Wedge – Therapist & Author
Kris Weston – Musician, Producer
Yann Weymouth – Architect
Garry Wills – Author
Antoine Wilson – Author
Laurie Winer – Journalist

Stephen Witt – Author
Martin Wolf – Journalist, Author
Colin Woodard – Author, Journalist
Heather Worthington – Professor
Ben Yagoda – Author
Jason Yeomans – Filmmaker, Photographer
Martin Youth Glover – Musician, Producer
Andy Zax – Journalist, Musicologist
Dan Zanes – Musician & Activist
Matthew Ziff – Actor
Lorraine Ziff – Actress, Producer
Katherine Zoepf – Author, Journalist
Zuzu – Singer-songwriter

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