Mark Haskell Smith

Mark H Smith

From a childhood in Kansas, Mark Haskel Smith moved west to Olympia, capital of Washington state and home to the Evergreen State College, where he received a B.A. and an early passion for all things cultural. After his undergraduate work, Smith headed 60 miles up the interstate to Seattle where he played guitar and sang in neo-punk bands, The Beakers and 3 Swimmers. Mark moved to Los Angeles to attend the American Film Institute’s Conservatory. He began working as a playwright and his first play The Cost of Doing Business received mixed reviews but Hollywood executives took notice and the play led to a career in screenwriting. Smith spent a decade woking on films doing uncredited rewrites. Frustrated with his foray into the movie world, Smith began writing novels. His first, Moist was optioned by Dreamwoks, Smith adapted the screenplay and the film is currently in development. Delicious followed, then Salty, Baked and most recently Raw: A Love Story. His first book of non-fiction, The Heart of Dankness, explores the world of underground botanists, outlaw farmers and renegade strain hunters who pursue excellence and diversity in producing world class cannabis. Mark Haskell Smith has appeared on Life Elsewhere a number of times, his Christmas list of books as gifts, was entertaining and thoughtful. Currently, he is writing Naked At Lunch a non-fiction book about nudism. Mark lives in Los Angeles and asked us to mention he likes Mexican food.

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