Michael Keeffe

Michael KeeffeIn the aftermath of Chelsea Manning‘s announcement that she was beginning hormone treatment to transition, we discovered far too little real information about what that actually meant, beyond the sensational tabloid headlines was available or even discussed. To help us understand transgender issues, Michael Keeffe kindly agreed to appear on the show  we titled “Understanding Chelsea”. Michael came out as transgender in 2007, which in turn had dramatic and life-changing results, he lost his career, his family and his home. Those terrible experiences with discrimination and social injustice fueled his passion for advocacy. “If I can help even one person avoid the self-loathing and self-destructive path I was on, then I have been successful…”  says Michael.

Michael Keeffe has been the executive director of Trans*Action Florida since November 2009. Michael holds scientific certification in the medical and forensic technology fields, an associate’s degree in education and an interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and Social Work, with a focus on Women’s Studies. He is also the founder of the Trans*Action Assistance Program (formerly the Florida Trans Man Fund).

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