Patrick O’Neil

Patrick Oneil

Patrick O’Neil is a former roadie and road manager for several major punk bands during the 80’s, including Dead Kennedys, Flipper, TSOL and Subhumans. His admitted degenerate life soon became ruled by his heroin addiction which in turn resulted in O’Neil supporting his and his girlfriend’s ever-increasing habits by robbing banks. Patrick payed the price for his anti-social behavior by spending time in jail. His memoir Gun, Needle, Spoon (excerpted in part French translation)  explicitly details his roadie/junkie/bank-robber lifestyle. As a filmmaker Patrick has made two documentaries: Girls On Girls and The Yaa Girlz and The Deadly Sparks. A new untitled film project is currently in production.Patrick lives in Hollywood California, holds an MFA from Antioch University Los Angeles, teaches at a local community college, and facilitates writing workshops.

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