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Life Elsewhere began as a radio show, many, many moons ago. In 2008 I created Life Elsewhere the blog to post random thoughts, occasional observations and rants, critiques of music, books and all things cultural. I frequently included my artwork, graphics and photography. Because I am always enthusiastically searching out new music, I rounded out each post with a unique and carefully mixed selection. After building a significant following with the Life Elsewhere blog, an opportunity to take the concept back to radio ensued. At the beginning of 2013, (the new) Life Elsewhere radio show was launched. Temporarily abandoning the posts, music mixes and other offerings, I devoted the Life Elsewhere website solely to the radio show. Soon after the new radio show aired, communiqués poured in asking if the blog and mixes could continue, this prompted me to introduce BACK. The page, which happens to be located at the BACK. allows me to bring to BACK. the diversity of words, images and music associated with the highly-regarded and much-missed Life Elsewhere blog. At BACK. you’ll find music I’ve discovered and tips on books you might otherwise overlook? You’ll learn about movies and videos, artistic endeavors and all manner of interesting ideas. BACK. is an ongoing curated compendium to help you  stay ahead of the curve on Art, Culture and Media. You are invited to visit BACK. now and often.

Thank you, Norman B.


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