The Guest List

Norman B‘s interviews are legendary. Since the late 70’s he has chatted on-air with rising stars to superstars, unexpected newsmakers to career politicians, revered celebrities to aspiring entrepreneurs. His guest list includes authors, musicians, actors, directors, comedians, artists, journalists, scientists, designers, and more. Norman’s unique conversational approach, never confrontational but always inquisitive and thoughtful has earned him consistent accolades from guests and listeners alike.

Lynsey Addario photo-journalist, author Carrie Akre musician | Martin Atkins musician, producer, educator | Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson autism activist | Sebastian Anthony journalist | Sergey Armeyskov journalist, blogger | Erin Arvedlund journalist, author | Becky Aikman author | Amalia Andrade author | Jennifer Ackerman author | Dan Alexander author

Nicholson Baker author | Barzin musician, poet | Jesse Bering author | Yudhijit Bhattacharjee author | Greg Barris comedian | Sandra Block author | Zac Bissonnette author | Audrey Bilger professor of literature, author | Bianca Bosker author | David Bowie musician, actor, Renaissance man | Bryan Burrough author | Jowita Bydlowska author | John Byrne Cooke author, photographer, musician | Owen Benjamin actor, comedian  Vince Beiser author | Chloe Benjamin author | Jeremy K. Brown author | Steve Brodner caricaturist | Dr. Joseph H. Baskin psychiatrist, author | Ben Bradlee Jr. author, journalist | Jason Baumann New York Public Library | Erika Bachm1nk musician | Vanessa Briscoe Hay musician | Nico Beatastic musician, producer, label owner | Peter Bergen author, journalist | Michael Bentham movie director, composer | Ian Buruma author

Sue Coe artist, illustrator, activist | Matthew Collin author | David Cowles illustrator, graphic artist | Brian Cullman author, musician | Alan Connor author, TV producer | Gianni Couji  editor, creative director & founder Ubikwist Magazine | Kaiya Cade musician | Remy Carreiro journalist | Max Allan Collins author | Robin Cook author | Christopher Castellani author | Michael Ciravolo musician | Phoebe Coco musician | Jill Ciment author | Maureen Callahan author | Tamsin Chapman musician Slum Of Legs

Michael Des Barres musician, actor | Tim Dowling author, journalist | Stephen Duncombe author, activist | Sean Dunne documentary filmmaker | Jo Rae Di Menno press agent | Norman Doidge psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, researcher, author | Amy Dickinson author, humorist | Benjamin Dreyer author, copy chief | David R. Dow author | Ani DiFranco musician, author | Anna Dorn author | Pawan Dhingra author | Shanaz Dorsett musician | Colin Dickey author | Victoria de Grazia author

Clark Elliott Ph.D. author | Jordan Eilenberg professor, author | Rafe Esquith award-winning teacher, author | Meg Elison author | Ronny Elliott musician | Bill Eddy author

James Fetzer journalist, professor | Lyndsay Faye author | Joseph Finder author | Fayette Fox author | Verlyn Flieger professor of history | Roben Farzad author | Tana French author | Marty Friedman musician | Lindsay Fulcher author, journalist, Lewis Carroll expert | Agustín Fuentes anthropologist, author | Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni author | Logan Farmer musician | Ron Fein author | Dr Justin Frank psychiatrist, author | Hillary Frank author, podcaster | Gary Ferguson author | Kelly Fields chef, author

Gillian Gaar author, journalist | Masha Gessen author | Shelly Gitlow author | Spud Goodman talk show host | Jonathan Gottschall author | Paul Greenberg Author | Heather Greene author, whiskey expert | Annabelle Gurwitch actress, author, humorist | Hugh Gusterson professor of anthropology, author | Lucia Graves journalist | Dana Gavanski musician | Eric Goulden musician | Gad Whip musicians | Anissa Gray author | Andy Greene journalist, author

Mark Haskell Smith author | Dave Hill comedian, author, musician, actor, radio host | Rachel Hills journalist | Lisa Hilton author | Richard Hill author, DNA expert | Beth Hoffman author | George Hodgkin author | Gail Honeyman author | John Hooper author, journalist | Robert Hunziker environmental activist, author | Kameron Hurley author | Leander Kahney author, journalist | KliveNigel Humberstone musician | Kristin Hersh musician | Stephen James Howard musician | Wendy Holden author | Peter Harris artist, musician

Joshua Idehen musician, spoken word artist

Glyn Johns record producer, engineer | Siv Jakobsen musician | Chip Jacobs author | Peter James author | Calvin Johnson founder of K Records, musician | Dr. Shaili Jain author | Jon Jones reggae promoter | David J musician | Liska Jacobs author | Kris Jozajtis musician

Binoy Kampmark author, commentator | Carolyn Kellogg journalist | Jarett Kobek author | Nancy Kells musician | Jeffrey Kluger author | Chad Kultchen author | Philip Kennicott art & architecture critic, author | Robert Klitzman psychiatrist, bioethicist, author | Jeremy Kolosine musician, producer | Amy Kaufman author | Samuel M Katz author | Commander Justin Kibbey hurricane bunter | Kate Kelly reporter, author | Jon King musician

Leaone musician | BJ Leiderman musician, composer | Larry Loftis author | Michelle LeClair author | Walter Lure musician | The Loss Adjusters musicians | Tom Leaper musician | Benjamin Lorr author

Jon Mack comedy writer, author | Dr. Rogy Masri Doctors Without Borders | Andrew Matheson musician, author | Thomas McNamee author | Fraser McAlpine author | Peter Miller bookstore owner, author | Ian McLagan musician | Michelle Miller author | Sir Mix-A-Lot musician | Maria Mutch author | Erin Moore author | Rebecca Makkai author | Christopher Mari author | Lynne Murphy author | Clare Mackintosh author | Ryan McIlvain author | Alanna Mitchell author | Jennifer Mercieca professor, writer | Colin Moulding musician | Hamish McKenzie journalist, author | Diarmaid MacCulloch author | Nick Manasseh producer, musician | Caitlin Moscatello author | Martin Metcalfe musician | Andrew Marantz author | Jamie Mustard branding expert, author | Caitlin Moscatello author | Maria Marzaioli musician Slum Of Legs | Katherine May author

Robert Newman creative director | David Neiwert author | Adam Nemett author | Cal Newport author

Stephen O’Connor author | Chris O’Leary author | Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz author | Arkady Ostrovsky author | Patrick O’Neil author | Tim Orchard author | Dr. Harry Ofgang author | Erik Ofgang author | Summer Rayne Oakes author, houseplant expert | David Owen author, journalist

Felicia Pennant magazine editor & founder | Clare Price author | Robert Priest creative director | Lydia Pyne author | Miriam Parker author | Katja Pantzar author | Camille Perri author | Madeline Puckette writer, graphic designer & wine blogger | Arlo Parks musician | Richard Price poet, musician | Steven Pinker author | Thomas Pitts musician | Bruce Pavitt founder of SubPop Records | Brad Parks author | Sonia Purnell author | Adam Popescu author | Edward Posnett author | Laura Palmer radio executive | Pela Hannah Coombes & Olly Shelton musicians | Victoria Phillips author | Philip Parfitt musician

Adrian Raine author, psychologist | Amy Rigby musician, writer | Julie Rehmeyer author | Colin Robinson publisher | Augustus Rose author | Erin Robinsong poet | Matthew Rusnak author | Tom Rachman author | Sorcha Richardson musician | Bob Ross film & media critic | Gordon Raphael musician, producer | John Robb musician, writer, TV & radio personality | Simon Reynolds music journalist, author | Adrienne Raphel author | Stephen Rebello author | Adrienne Raphel author, crossword expert

Candi Sary author | Rebecca Scherm author | Gene Sculatti journalist, author | Mark Haskell Smith author | Jerry Stahl author | Tracy Slater author | Emma Straub author | John Szwed author | Jim Steinmeyer author | Slippery Eyes musicians, band | Rat Scabies musician | Dava Sobel author | Karen Stabiner author | Miriam Seidel author | A Brad Schwartz author | Jason Stanley professor, author | David Shields author | Sarah St. Vincent author | Matt Simon author | Natasha Solomons author |  Brian Switek author | Barry Snaithm1nk musician | Monica L. Smith professor, author | James B Stewart author | Olivia Taylor Smith book publisher, editor | Sylken Somers singer-songwriter | Harry Stafford musician | James Shapiro author, Shakespeare scholar | Susan Spungen author, food stylist | Michelle Steele musician Slum Of Legs | Witold Szabłowski author | Katherine Stewart author | Jared Yates Sexton author | Halley Sutton author  

Sonia Taitz author | Shira Tarrant author | Rudy Tambala musician | Elizabeth Tan author | David Treuer author | Clive Thompson author | Tiawa musician | John Tierney journalist, author | The Shend musician 

David Ulin author | Craig Unger author

Karrin Vasby Anderson professor, commentator | Verdigrls musicians

Lynn Waddell author | Brandon Wallace author | Marilyn Wedge author, therapist | Yann Weymouth architect | Sam Wilkin author | Garry Wills author | Antoine Wilson author | Stephen Witt author | Martin Wolf author | Elaine Weiss author | Steven Watson Stack | Chris Wilson author | Sally Roesch Wagner author, scholar | Carolyn L. White archaeologist, author | Brent Wilson documentary film director | Colin Woodard author

Ben Yagoda author | Martin “Youth” Glover musician, producer | Jason Yeomans filmmaker, photographer | Anya Yurchyshyn author | Daniels Yergen  author

Katherine Zoepf author | Julian Zelizer author, professor of history