Listen While You Work

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If you had to invent a Creative Director who is brilliant, smart, cool, witty and just damn nice, you may come up with someone who kinda resembles Robert Newman. But that would be a stretch for any creative mind because Bob has all of those attributes and more. When the unsettling news filtered through that esteemed Creative Director Robert Newman had suffered an accident which resulted in Bob laying in a Florida hospital bed in a coma, the outpouring of support from people in and far beyond the creative community was a true testament to the man’s extra special qualities.

I have been fortunate to have known Bob for, oh dear, what is it? Close to 30 years! During that time, we have remained in contact, close enough for me to ask Robert Newman to be a regular contributor to my radio show, Life Elsewhere. The program has the sub-title of Arts, Culture and Media, so asking Bob to get involved was a no-brainer. His insight and ability to converse on the topics I tackle added the respected authority I was looking for. Bob has appeared on the show a number of times and when I was in pre-production for a show on Chelsea Manning I sent a note to Bob asking if he had any experience working alongside a Transgender person. Days and then a week or so went by, without a response from Bob. This was untypical of Robert Newman, then I received a short but disturbing message from Bob’s partner, Linda, explaining what had happened. Immediately I did the same as everyone else who knows Bob, I asked what could I do to help. Over the years, Bob and I have frequently discussed music and it may come as no surprise, Bob Newman is always readily interested in conversing about all genres of music and open to learning about my musical discoveries. During the first few of weeks after his accident, I made a couple of Mix CD’s for Bob. Later, during an email dialogue, Bob talked about getting back to work and the music he enjoyed listening to. When he told me about My Favo(u)rite Magazine, it dawned on me, I can help Bob out by making a special Mix and so the idea for Listen While You Work was hatched. This Mix is designed to do just that, listen and work, work and listen. As Bob said to me, “I like music that doesn’t distract when I’m working, but I don’t want etherial-new-age-ambient either”.

With Bob’s words in mind, here is Listen While You Work, a Mix I road-tested by asking Robert Newman, to send me his commentaries and suggestions, which of course he was only too keen to do. After a few tweaks here and a couple of edits there, Bob gave Listen While You Work his Creative Director’s nod of approval. Please enjoy and thank you for donating to the fund to benefit a very special man, Robert Newman.


To get your copy of Listen While You Work go to Friends Of Bob Newman 2.0

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