Life Elsewhere Music Vol 72

  1. Blakey – Prism Of Love
  2. Aldous HardingHorizon
  3. LeaoneGoldtooth
  4. Pat Windpipe & Windy Teamplayer – Rock Collection
  5. Ivy SoleLost
  6. HomeshakeEvery Single Thing
  7. SunkenSwoon
  8. Flower FaceHoney & Milk
  9. Black Belt Eagle ScoutIndians Never Die
  10. Dana GavanskiHow Much Is Enough
  11. HeadcloudsFlowers
  12. Maud GeffraySick Of Love
  13. Swoon LakeBath
  14. Siv JakobsenLike I Used To
  15. BunnyLet Me Be Your Dog
  16. Luca FogaleI Don’t Want To Lose You
  17. HughGo

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