Life Elsewhere Music Vol. 8

  1. Alexandra Gordon Golden Hour
  2. Camp CandleWeapons
  3. Tiny Little HousesYou Tore Out My Heart (Anatole Remix)
  4. BrilliantIt’s A Man’s World
  5. Common HollyAfter All
  6. Gregory Isaacs & ChristineRock On (Saturday Night)/Version
  7. Deepest BisonA Lifetime Of Fitness
  8. Failed FlowersSupermarket Scene
  9. Kaitlyn Aurelia SmithWhen I Try, I’m Full
  10. Designer ImposterGood News
  11. Kip McGrathSunburn
  12. Tremolo GhostsBlood Orange Moon
  13. The Cradle Corner Of Mine
  14. FanpageLong Walk To All Sorts Of Places
  15. Matt DimonaNext 2 U (feat. Kiki Halliday) 

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