Life Elsewhere Vol 111 – Not The Best Of 2018

Our year-end special has a deliberately misleading title. All the music we play on Life Elsewhere Music is in our opinion, worthy of being called “Best”. So we decided to make this volume the most-played cuts from 2018. Most-played as in on our show and at Life Elsewhere Towers. Enjoy! We’d be interested to know what your Best Of list for 2018 would look like. Send an email to

  1. Laura WelshAtomised
  2. CadeFeed
  3. FloppyYellow Sky
  4. Fenne Lilly Car Park
  5. Nadine KhouriA New Dawn
  6. Rosie PeppinThunder
  7. Me & My Friends Promise Me This Much
  8. Arlo ParksCola
  9. Slippery EyesSlippery Eyes
  10. Jübl Thinking About You
  11. Gad WhipGoat Bag
  12. The Loss Adjusters The World Brims
  13. Bunny Let Me Be Your Dog

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