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Creativity With A Sense Of Humor

Garfunk's Tash & Bald Simon

Unabashedly, to grab your attention we present an iconic image that has been given a witty make-over using the wonders of Photoshop and GIF wizardry. Creativity with a sense of humor always catches our attention. Two of the essential ingredients we look for in the programming of Life Elsewhere and our page of curated links to art, media and culture at BACK.

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The Producer Cries

At the beginning of our program today titled, Understanding Autism, Norman B’s monologue caused his producer Maria to start weeping. She began signaling distress messages to the host as he poignantly described the birth of James, his son. In turn, Norman B, realizing his very competent controller of all the knobs an buttons that make a radio show work, may fall apart at any moment, asked if she wanted him to pause for second or two. In turn, Norman B, began to choke up and suddenly, very live, very real, emotional, unrehearsed and memorable radio was broadcast. 

The guests, both listening to the opening monologue were, Maria Mutch, author of the just-released, Know the Night a memoir that chronicles a two-year period when her son Gabriel, who has both Autism and Downs Syndrome, unexpectedly stopped sleeping through the night. Maria Mutch will tell us how she and Gabriel entered a secret world of their own, where they found spiritual company in the words of a polar explorer. And, Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson Executive Director of ACT Today! A nonprofit organization whose mission is to raise awareness and provide treatment services and support to families to help their children with autism achieve their full potential. Nancy is a former television producer, author and mother of Wyatt, who was diagnosed with Autism. Nancy, via phone from California, began by saying, “Thank you Norman, for making me cry at 6.00am!”

Listen to the Understanding Autism edition of Life Elsewhere here

The El-Bo Connection




When we were putting together our Elvis & Bowie Birthday Special, we spoke with Lisa Jane Persky, a regular contributor to Life Elsewhere and a true Renaissance woman, for her input. Lisa, known for her wit, suggested we title the show, The El-Bo Connection. Lisa Jane will join us on Monday March 3, for a live post-Oscar report. Ms. Persky will be attending the grand ceremony in Hollywood and promises to “get up close, peer down cleavages, smell breath, watch who goes to the bathroom with who and generally dish the dirt on the movie world’s biggest night!”

Meanwhile, enjoy the new titillating links and downloads available at BACK. continued.


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