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A Cavalcade Of Curiosities Eclipse An Untimely Death

“With great sadness and a broken heart I have to let know all of Adrian’s friends and acquaintances that he is dead. A bright mind and compassionate soul is gone, he was my beloved son,” Mario Lamo wrote in a post on Facebook. Beyond that brief note, only a few mentions of Lamo’s death have appeared in print, and broadcast media

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Power, Corruption & Lies!

“If men are not naturally sexual predators, why does it happen so often?” Asks author and professor of anthropology, Agustín Fuentes. An article he wrote for Psychology Today, a couple years back, is more than relevant today, what with the tawdry accusations surrounding Harvey Weinstein and Bill O’Reilly plus the unabashed sexual bragging of one Donald J. Trump. Professor Fuentes

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Making Sense Of The Headlines

“The Trump administration has a madness to it. It’s not a party-based system, this is where the Republicans have a problem with Trump. It seems he is doing a cleansing of the stables of GOP influences. Trump is not an ideological man. This is deeply disconcerting to the party because they don’t have someone in the White House they can

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Who would you describe as Fearless? It’s a lofty accolade, coincidently used by the two guests in the next edition of Life Elsewhere. Frequent contributor, Dr. Binoy Kampmark says, A. A. Gill was Fearless. Mr. Gill was a noted cultural critic. For many years he wrote restaurant reviews for the London Sunday Times. He also wrote TV reviews, travel essays. He wrote

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The Annual Life Elsewhere Holiday Gift Show

                                                   The Annual Life Elsewhere Holiday Gift Show features an all-star line-up of some of our favorite guests from the last 12 months with, author, Mark Haskell Smith, singer-songwriter, Nancy Kells, crime thriller writer, Peter James, social and political commentator, Dr. Binoy Kampmark, film & media critic, Bob Ross,

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