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A Eulogy To Lou Reed And Much More At BACK.

Lisa Jane Persky, a regular contributor to Life Elsewhere shares her moving eulogy to Lou Reed; under 25’s show off their photographic skills in Young Shot; we learn about Female Persuasion and Apparent Motion while Tom Of England provides the new music. All this and more at the latest installment of BACK.

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Accepting Cannabis Podcast Available Now!

The Life Elsewhere debate on Accepting Cannabis is available for download now. Fervent anti-legalization proponent Teresa Miller, founder of goes up against pre-eminent litigation attorney and pro-legalization advocate, Ted Corless. The debate triggered many emails and calls to the studio. You too can join in with your opinions, take a listen to the Podcast and let us know what you

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An Intelligent Debate.

Times, they certainly are a-changing. It was just a short while ago when The War On Drugs was a wedge issue garnering votes. Many perceptive observers believe a drastic change will occur with the legalization of Cannabis. Is The War On Drugs being dramatically and rapidly replaced by a movement to Legalize Cannabis? Will the wide-spread acceptance of Cannabis use

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