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Daunting Reality That Reads Like Science Fiction & Hilarious Fiction That Reads Like Eccentric English Reality

                                   The Earth’s magnetic force field is decaying faster than previously thought. When the poles switch, a process that takes many years, the Earth is unprotected from solar radiation storms that would, among other disturbances, wipe out much and possible all of our electromagnetic technology. Navigation for

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Ten Reasons To Visit BACK.

If you haven’t been there yet, here are ten crucial reasons to visit BACK., Facial Awareness, Fuschia Groan, Elif Kalkan, Weltenbuerger, Vrag, Johan de Lange, Joh Del, Ernest Protasiewicz, Badlands777 and Crushevil. Life Elsewhere airs every Monday at 9.00am ET (1400 GMT) WMNF 88.5fm Podcast

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