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The Soccer Fan & An Alternate View

Felicia Pennant is possibly the most exuberant guest we have ever had the pleasure of inviting onto Life Elsewhere. When you hear Felicia rave on about the sport that inspired her to start a magazine, don’t be surprised if you too become a soccer fan. Felicia, a devoted Chelsea fan took a fashion course at St. Martins School of Art in London and wrote her graduating thesis on Fashion and Soccer. A brilliant combination that triggered the creation of Season Zine. It’s a cross between a fashion magazine and a football zine.”  Says Felicia, adding, Season is named after the shared time division, it reveals the experiences and rituals of fashion and football fans. Their perspectives on the world’s most popular sport are explored in thoughtful and intimate ways, focusing on why these fans care and what they wear.” Felicia Pennant, Season Zine, creator, and editor,  joins us for the next edition of Life Elsewhere.

Robyn Walensky

Robyn Walensky

In the past year, we’ve had a number of trusted, informed commentators on the show to give their two cents worth on the antics and contradictions of Mr. Trump. But, as the days roll on and the General Election looms closer, the division between the parties and the opinions of the electorate grow further apart. Although we try to shy away from taking a political stand at Life Elsewhere, we will admit that the guests and topics we choose do suggest a certain bias. Yet, we are honestly confused by the hostility toward the Democratic Party, Mrs. Clinton, and President Obama. In an attempt to try to understand the appeal of Mr. Trump and the fierce opposition to Mrs. Clinton, et al, we invited Robyn Walensky, senior news anchor at the Blaze radio network to give us her take on why Donald Trump and the Republican agenda would be a better choice in the General Election.

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New Links To Cool Photography, Graphics, Roman Walls, New Music & Socks At BACK.

mitchi-feetThe latest edition of BACK. is packed full of links to brilliant cool photography, graphic design, ancient Roman walls, new music and wonderfully crazy socks. BACK.  is the page where Life Elsewhere creator, Norman B selects places you may have never found. Make sure you scroll down (and down) to find all kinds of wonderful sites to visit.


It Would Seem There Are More Photographers Pointing Their Cameras At Naked Women Than I’ve Had Hot Dinners!


Yes, it’s a deliberately provocative headline coupled with an equally provocative image to entice you to go to BACK. where you’ll discover all kinds of links to places with beautiful photos, interesting ideas, brilliant design, entertaining facts, fascinating videos and exceptional new music.

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Nine + Reasons To Visit Back.

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BACK. is the last page at this site. So, we called it BACK. ’cause its at, well…the BACK. This is where Norman B, the creator and host of Life Elsewhere brings you his curated selection of links. From photography to furniture, artworks to architecture, fashion to folklore, at BACK. you’ll always find intriguing places to visit, new music to explore and the occasional critical observation. Go to BACK. and enjoy the adventure of discovery.

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