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A Critical View On Art, Argument, Culture & Society

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“Looking around, a lot of the writing on art, culture, music, and politics seems to be coming from the same hymn sheet of careerist backslapping and uncritical thought. Come on people, let’s bring some real ecstatic petulance, atavistic joy and just plain old inspiring writing back into the mix”. That’s a quote from the About page of Trebuchet, the online magazine with the tagline, A critical view on art, argument, culture and societyAnd this is to encourage you to go visit Trebuchet, a magazine that champions contemporary art, activist politics, and ecstatic music. Trebuchet is a creative magazine minus the lifestyle upsell. The mission is to feature exciting writing about cultural intersections: people and power, art and consumer, music and the listener. A Human Instinct For War is the title of Norman B’s latest contribution to Trebuchet Magazine.

What Is War? Polite Behavior? Zuzu!

“War, what is it good for?” That question came to mind as we observed Veterans Day. Then, as if on cue, a rag-tag assortment of bloviators, claiming they want to be commander in chief, lazily spewed out the usual rhetoric of a bigger, better more powerful military. “Winning! We’ll win any war through might!” is the standard cry. But are there winners in war? Why does war happen? What is war? To answer these questions and more, Hugh Gusterson, Professor of Cultural Studies and Anthropology at George Mason University joins the program.

Polite behavior seems to have escaped the daily routine of many presidential hopefuls. They could learn a lot from Galateo: Or, The Rules of Polite Behavior. Though written in Renaissance Italy, it’s just as fresh and pertinent to daily living as any advice column. Editor and translator, Matthew Rusnak offers a droll take on academia, explaining how the author, Giovanni Della Casa, gives instructions for civilized behavior, which includes making sure nothing falls out of your nose when passing someone a drink.

Also in this edition, more of Norman B’s new music discoveries, a young lady from the UK, who goes by the name, Zuzu. “An extraordinary talent!” Says Norman, “Keep a close watch on her, and remember you heard Zuzu first on Life Elsewhere!”

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