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Nancy Kells Deserves Your Attention

“You must have lived many lives to write such emotive songs?” Says Norman B in his in-depth and revealing interview with Nancy Kells. The Virginia-based singer-songwriter hints that love and break-ups have provided her with plenty of material to work with. Nancy’s prodigious output came to our attention as Spartan Jet-Plex on the remarkable Fox Food Records. She can also be found

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Ungrateful Kids, Forgiveness, A Dylan Cover & New Music

Many parents struggle to find the means to say “no” to their often over-stimulated, over-indulged kids. Amy McCready says she knows the methods for parents to connect with their kids in a way that allows them to better learn to be respectful, responsible, and ready to meet a world where frankly, it’s not all about them. McCready explains to Norman B why her new book The Me,

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Siv Jakobsen – The Interview.

“I was entranced by her voice and her ability to use silences or pauses so effectively.” Says Norman B about Siv Jakobsen, a talented new musical artist from Norway. The Life Elsewhere host’s unbridled enthusiasm led to a request for an interview with the Oslo-based musician. Arrangements were quickly made, and with disarming candor, Siv  chatted with Norman B for twice as long

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