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Life Elsewhere Music Vol 215

Thank goodness superb new music keeps arriving at Life Elsewhere Towers, after being in isolation for months on end and our world seemingly falling to pieces what with Covid and an insurrection attempt at the United States Capitol building, it’s a welcome reminder that there are creative people out there proving that many of us are not full of hate. In this volume of Life Elsewhere Music you’ll enjoy sixty minutes of carefully curated cuts beginning with Rob Merz, a musician out of Chicago who goes by the curious name of Static in Verona. Rob’s EP Darken Your Door proves he knows how to make emotionally-framed songs with a big loud backdrop. We like all three cuts, but the title track is our favorite. Next up, a fellow who says, “I don’t have any musical training, just some guitars and a heart full of soul” His LP, Hills And Homes take us on a journey through some familiar DIY sounds, with lyrics that will require another and another listen. Is he pissed off, is he being snarky? Not sure it matters, ‘cause the end result is entertaining. His name is Perel (we probably mispronounced his name) he is based in Israel and the cut we chose is Curls. What a delight to receive intriguing music from Sofia, Bulgaria courtesy of Mostly Harmless. Their debut EP, Echo suggests this six-piece band should not be overlooked. Strawberry Milkshake, the track you’ll hear features the added vocals of Dimi Georgiev who takes the song in a surprising turn. Kudos to @lundaze for the artwork. Singer-songwriter Uma says she is based between London and Barcelona and Bring Me The Mountain (featuring Lucy Lu) was written while in confinement, adding, “I never thought we’d live through a pandemic, watch the world go mad, have to fight for what is right again (and again), through the fear, despite the violence of thousands of years of oppressive systems, feel infinitely connected and lonely at the same time.” We suggest you check out more cuts from Uma. There is something about Molly Payton’s voice and attitude that comes across on Warm Body that implies she has been immersed in appreciating some of the great female rock ’n’ rollers. Raised in Aukland, now based in London, we are looking forward to more from Molly. Music from Dar es Salaam is next by Jamaica Mnanda with Masikini Naye Mtu (Troels B-Knudsen Dub). The translation is  The Poor are Also People. A lot of information came with this one, for example, the Mchiriku style of Jamaica is unique to Dar es Salaam. Made up of a singer, drums, chair, maracas, and Casio keyboard player, the band regularly plays on the streets of Dar es Salaam. The group is renowned for setting up a string of horn speakers spread down the street, amplifying their sound across the neighborhood. And, Troels B-Knudsen is something of an illustrious figure in the electronic music scene of his native Copenhagen. Shayon Brown has been rapping since she hit her teens, the Nigeria-born South London emcee goes by the moniker, Shaybo. On Dobale she uses the Yoruba slang of her heritage and Dobale refers to a “gesture of respect”. You may want to put this cut on repeat play because it is so irresistible. “Widescreen minimal alt-folk, with a touch of Americana” is how Guy Weir describes the music he makes as The Kindling. The London-based musician probably doesn’t know we try to avoid labels and genres, but we are certainly pleased to have discovered, Flesh And Blood. You’ll hear the slow version and you’re advised to check out the fast version. Lost Map is a label we highly recommend you make a point of investigating, there you will find London-based French singer-songwriter, Clémentine March who is on their roster with her second album, From Songs of Resilience. The eclectic artist says she recorded this over two days in November last year and it’s only her and an acoustic guitar. Into The Distance is a fine example of Clémentine’s work. From Lockhart, Texas–a small town lost in time—we find Natalie Ribbons & Jason Chronis who perform as Tele Novella with Never from their LP, Merlynn Belle. After enjoying their album, this is an outfit we would like to see live. From Philadelphia it’s Holidaykiss with Crossing who says their EP, Once And Future is about self-discovery, and acknowledging the pains of one’s past. We suspect this was not recorded in a super-expensive studio and we love it. The next one was recorded during the Covid-19 stay-at-home order in Washington state, says Moon Palace. Faultlines is the title, the first single off their new EP. The line up is Cat Biell – vocals & guitar, Carrie Biell – vocals & bass, Gabriel Molinaro- synth, and Jude Miqueli – drums. We think they have demonstrated a knack for writing and performing appealing pop songs. More, please! You’ll get out of breath watching Holly Humberstone’s video for Overkill where she keeps on running while strumming her guitar. This talented singer-songwriter from Lincolnshire doesn’t mess around in the lyrics department, “A couple more tequilas, And I’ll tell you how I’m feeling, Don’t wanna kill your evening, Don’t wanna be a buzzkill If I’m coming on strong”. Her EP is Falling Asleep At The Wheel and deserves your attention. Over in Sacramento Brianna Carmel and Josiah Masteller-Defiance, aka Blooming Heads modestly say their music is “Indie emo whatever”. Their slightly self-effacing label underplays a smart ability to construct excellent music. Make sure you check out all three songs on The Background EP. We selected Axis Access. Good stuff! Sarah Bates spent months in the jungles of Thailand, then returned to the lockdown in the UK and used all the video she had shot to make a movie. Burning With Love is part of the soundtrack from the LP, Khoa Rop. Even without the visuals, this is an impressive collection of music. 

A word about the artwork we have been using for recent volumes of Life Elsewhere Music. I have been collecting artwork for years, all of it by artists I have discovered, some have become better known than others. The collection has grown over the years to be larger than the wall space I currently have to display it. So, I decided to share my good fortune in being able to have such a wonderful collection. The images selected have no connection to the music, yet it’s interesting how many listeners have chosen to give their interpretations. Thank you for your input. I’m always interested in what you have to say. Send your thoughts to 

LEM Vol 215 Playlist

  1. Static In Verona – Darken Your Door
  2. Perel – Curls
  3. Mostly Harmless – Strawberry Milkshake
  4. Uma – Bring Me The Mountain (ft Lucy Lu)
  5. Molly Payton – Warm Body
  6. Jamaica Mnanda – Masikini Naye Mtu (Troels B-Knudsen Dub)
  7. Shaybo – Dobale
  8. The Kindling – Flesh And Blood (Slow Version)
  9. Clementine March – Into The Distance
  10. Tele Novella – Never
  11. Holidaykiss – Crossing
  12. Moon Palace – Faultlines
  13. Holly Humberstone – Overkill
  14. Blooming Heads – Axis Access
  15. Sarah Bates – Burning With Love

The artwork for this volume is by Skip Mathewson “A good gun is a broken gun” 1989 4’ x 4’ Giclée print on archival paper. Courtesy of Norman B’s collection

LEM Vol 215

2020 Special Mentions – Life Elsewhere Music Vol 214

Finally, 2020 is over and here we are as if blinking at unfamiliar bright sunlight, wondering what the new year will bring us. Here at Life Elsewhere Towers the abundance of wonderful new releases throughout 2020 could for a moment belie how rubbish the past twelve months have been. Being in isolation has been the prompt for so many creative folk to get off their arses and – well, create! We avoid Best Of Lists because every cut we play at Life Elsewhere Music has to be Best, otherwise, we wouldn’t play them, so we gave you Not The Best Of 2020. To start the New Year, we are giving a big nod to those who deserve a Special Mention

Miranda McCarthy – From Loving You on first play we were singing along with this song. Yes, it does sound familiar, yet original.  Miranda says, “The song was inspired by the wildness of West Cork and a life in profound transformation.”

Eka –  Shadow Play this song arrived unsolicited from Ekaterine, aka Eka with a wonderful descriptive message, “I’m a French visual artist with multicultural background and influences (French, Vietnamese, Russian and I spent my childhood in Brazil)” Eka went on to tell us all about her creative work. Her music caught our attention, in part because of her slight, lilting accent.  

Tears On Demand – If I Was Alive this is an outstanding example why you should investigate the releases on Shoredive Records. This is entrepreneurial, Nicolas Pierre Wardell, boss of the label’s own outfit. Clearly Nico is fluent in how to make an engaging song. The man’s work is appealing and his label must not be overlooked. 

Wu-Lu – Black Classical Music this cut from the Overgrown Interludes album is a perfect example why you need to spend time carefully listening to creativity of Wu-Lu.

Gad Whip – Sundown since we first heard these lads and their uncompromising music it was obvious they would be on our radar. But, please Gad Whip put out more releases often and send us some videos of you playing live. We want to imagine we are there with you having a mad dance around the place. Simply put, damn good intelligent music to have a knees-up to.

Benin City – Get Your Own and while we are talking about being in the dance. Josh, Shanaz & Tom aka, Benin City have that well covered. It would safe to say, every release from Benin City becomes a big fave for us. This trio know how to work their magic. Exceptional, well-crafted music with a message. In Get Your Own they tackle Covid as only Benin City can. 

Phoebe Coco  Different here is a talented in singer-songwriter-musician who has put our a number of superb releases. There is something about Phoebe output that prompts me to suggest she work with a producer who has another angle on her abilities. I’m thinking Olly Shelton of Pela fame, or maybe Adrian Sherwood. Your thoughts?

Tasha But There’s Still The Moon we keep returning to this cut, trying to analyze why it it works so well. Tasha says “For me, the moon is reliable, beautiful, it’s anchoring.” Written in early 2019, this single takes an optimistic message of gentleness. And, that we agree with.

Talitha Ferri Home she is out of Copenhagen, the album is, Get Well Soon. About this song, Talitha writes, “It was written in retrospect, at a time when I was able to appreciate the fragile moment that is falling in love. That sacred little dance we love to drag on and on, clinging to and resenting the space that stands between us.” Beneath that fragility, is a determined songwriter.

This Is The Kit – This Is What You Did this is the musical project of Kate Stables and whoever joins her in locations such as Winchester, Paris and Bristol. Her album, Off Off On showcases clever songwriting and production skills. There is an energy to be savored. 

Happy Speedy – Fresh Air “I like writing sad lyrics to help me through my feelings (or two),” says Eimear Coyle. The Irish-born singer, now located in Glasgow goes on to say she started the band to help her work through some tough times. With Glasgow friends Kieran Coyle, Rosie Pearse, Siobhain Ma and Connell King, their debut LP, You’re Doing OK is one of those hidden gems you should not pass over.

Miriam Ingram – A Tiny White Dot this poignant song from the album, Spells was produced by her son, Diolmhain Ingram-Roche and a fine job he does too of taking us through a psychedelic, visceral, textured maze of vocal loops and layered synths. Miriam’s observations on life are acute. Essential listening.

Keeno – I Wonder (feat. Ellie Madison) real Drum and Bass, Dubstep or Grime have not made it onto mainstream radio in America, which is why we like to make a point of selecting first-class cuts to wake up the neighbors with. Hospital Records out of the UK have been releasing brilliant cuts since 1996. Use this cut to lead you to discover more essential releases. Keeno’s I Wonder (feat. Ellie Madison) is so infectious, you’ll want to hear more.

Winsome – Untitled here is a fine example of how minimalist digital reggae can be so emotive. Winsome Benjamin was a popular Lover’s Rock chanteuse on the UK scene in the 80s. This 12” was probably originally released a few years back but rereleased to help raise donations to the northeast London migrant action (NELMA) solidarity hardship fund.

Penelope Trappes – Eel Drip to end this Special Mentions show an intriguing release. Eel Drip is about honouring the dead, the passing of lives within you and beyond you,” says the London-based artist. She continues “It’s about physical or emotional change, acknowledging fears, and being true to yourself… reaching your full potential.” Words to ponder as we move into a new year. The accompanying, disturbing video was directed by Agnes Haus and inspired by artist Francesca Woodman’s 1970s series of nude self-portraits with Eels.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to Life Elsewhere Music. Make sure you let us know what you think of the show. Send your thoughts to


  1. Miranda McCarthy  From Loving You
  2. EKA – Shadow Play
  3. Tears On Demand – If I Was Alive
  4. Wu-Lu – Black Classical Music
  5. Gad Whip – Sundown
  6. Benin City – Get Your Own
  7. Phoebe Coco – Different
  8. Tasha – But There’s Still The Moon
  9. Tabitha Ferri – Home
  10. This Is The Kit – This Is What You Did
  11. Happy Speedy – Fresh Air
  12. Miriam Ingram – A Tiny White Dot
  13. Keeno – I Wonder (feat. Ellie Madison)
  14. Winsome – Untitled (SUG001-B)
  15. Penelope Trappes – Eel Drip

Happy New Year!

The artwork for this volume is by Jamie Singleton “Beautiful Brian” 1997 6’ x 8’ (detail) Giclée print on archival paper of a manipulated video image. Courtesy of Norman B’s collection. The image of the late Brian Jones has nothing to do with this selection of music. We just happen to love it!

LEM Vol 214

Not The Best Of 2020 – Life Elsewhere Music Vol 213

It’s simple because we curate only the best at Life Elsewhere Music, our last volume for this year is Not The Best Of 2020!

And, what an amazing number of really superb releases. Was it because of being in isolation? The fact is, week after week, brilliant new releases came our way. Far too many to include in a 60-minute show. Every cut selected for Life Elsewhere Music was the best, so, we present the most played cuts in 2020 here at Life Elsewhere Towers in a non-stop carefully curated one whole hour of Not The Best Of 2020*.

  1. Folk Devils – Forever
  2. Slum Of Legs – Love’s Not Enough
  3. Sylken Somers – Tenderhead Tenderheart
  4. Amaria Hamadalher – Tamidtine
  5. Phil Parfitt – Bones Cold
  6. Otta – Near Enough A Woman
  7. Pillow Queens – Holy Show
  8. Rosehip Teahouse – I Meant What I Said
  9. Nuha Ruby Ra – Sparky
  10. October & The Eyes – All My Love
  11. King Hannah – Crème Brûlée
  12. Denise Sherwood – Uncertain Times
  13. Underhairz – To You With A Smile
  14. Porridge Radio – 7 Seconds
  15. Pela – South Of

The artwork for this volume is by Shane Compton “Inch” 2016 12” x 8” mixed media on laminated wood. Courtesy of Norman B’s collection

*If your release was not selected for this volume, you can be sure it appears on past volumes for 2020. Listen here

Show Vol 213

Life Elsewhere Music Vol 211

Genres? What Genres? In these 60 minutes of carefully curated new music, we deliberately mix it up from off-kilter Two-Step out of Bristol to exquisite Pop by way of Brighton. The adventure starts with Crime, a cut from the EP, Illicit Material by Longeez on the Bristol-based Canapé Records imprint. Who proudly say they are building a community of underground artists, with the shared duty of challenging expectations in soundsystem culture. Next, Yung Singh steps up to prove his skills with Bheer x Ladbroke Grove (Yung Singh Edit) from The Punjabi Garage Bundle For Charity EP. Part of the Daytimers Collective, which you need to check out All proceeds go to charity – who do incredible humanitarian work across the world with a focus on conflict zones as well as the UK and Punjab. More good deeds are being handled by Optimo Music a record label based in Glasgow, Scotland, and run by Optimo’s JD Twitch, with the album Ghana Glasgow Friendship. We selected two tracks, Deka Worwor and Nobody Knows by Tafi & Green Door Allstars. 100% of proceeds from the release will be donated with 50% going to Glasgow foodbanks and 50% to a project to build toilets in the village of Tafi Atome, Ghana. Berlin is the home to the Shika Shika. The label has made a name for itself by highlighting musical migrations: sounds that mix together cultural influences, tradition with modernity or electronica with organic and natural sounds. To celebrate 5 years in business and releasing music by over sixty artists from thirty-four countries they have released the compilation, Shika Shika: 5 Years. The example you’ll hear is Miniyamba (ft. Mina Shankha) by Yeahman & Hajna. Dancehall Reggae, always welcome at LEM comes forward from Melbourne, Australia courtesy of Easy Now Recordings with On It by DJ Maars. Balancing a serious nod to Hip Hop while Dubbing up a Dancehall cut this limited edition seven-inch will have you heading for repeat play. La Récré is a Paris-based punk-jazz band composed of Cédric Laban and Émile Sornin. Well, that is how they describe themselves. They also suggest their music is a fusion of melancholy ‘70s library music with hip-hop rhythms and a heavy dose of psychedelia. Listen to L’An 2000 from the EP Ne Penser À Rien to see if you agree. We have no reason to disagree and we do think their videos are worth taking a look at. For you train-spotters, La Récré is on Black Milk Music. Emma Noble says her sound is rooted in and influenced by her deep love for rare soul, funk, and disco. In her self-titled EP, (which will not be released until March 2021, Emma demonstrates that she is a talent to watch out for. Table Dancers (Smoove 7” remix) was our choice for this Volume. We are looking forward to hearing more from Emma Noble. The Life Elsewhere Intelligence Department has confirmed information that one, Alexander Leonard Donat runs a ridiculously amount, setting records all the time. And we have reliable reports that he does these marathon running escapades to elevate the excess energy from putting out quality music on his Blackjack Illuminist Records. It should be noted that it takes a lot of energy and willful spirit to put out eighteen volumes of music by Vilimmer, the moniker for his own band. You’ll hear Vorfreude (anticipation) from the album  X11111111. Apparently, the last one of the series. If we can snag Alexander briefly for a chat before he dashes off on another run, we’ll have him back on the show to explain, everything! Patrick Atkinson who has worked across pop and experimental music for some time under the aliases, Orpheline, Dallas Boner & as the duo Leap Wars with one half of Yeah You is now presenting as Stuck Sunsets. His new album is Delitism, a curiously interesting affair with tracks going off in different directions but as a whole, Patrick manages to showcase why we recommend you check it out. We selected The Girl Ruins The Room which is a good example of what he capable of. It’s also important to mention that Delitism is a project conceived out of the loss of his brother, the title a macabre joke about competitive brotherly love and death being the ultimate trump card. The line up of guests Michael Ciravolo rounds up to appear on his Beauty In Chaos recordings is impressive. The LA-based rock ’n’ roller’s latest album, Out Of Chaos Comes… is packed full of recognizable talent. We selected a fine example of these collaborations, Temple Of Desire (Boxcutter Mix) ft. Rafe Pearlman. There are and always will be a lot of arguments over “cover versions”. It’s our opinion that “cover versions” should never be overlooked. Hannah and Olly, the enterprising duo behind Pela have bravely taken on a cover of a hit from the early 90s by a band who were stunned by their own success. Here’s Where The Story Ends from The Sundays is a remarkable choice by the young London-Brighton-based Pela, not least of all because the original was so fraught with emotion and vulnerability. In the hands of Hannah and Olly, they have created a version that is still emotive, yet it is also blisteringly positive. Perhaps their choice of the song at the end of the year, a year that has caught us all in a state of flux is the perfect way to move forward into the new year? Her voice and his production make for a splendid, pop record. It also happens to be one of the most spectacularly-crafted releases of 2020. Familiar yes. You’ll sing along. And like us, hopefully, you’ll agree, Here’s Where 2020 Ends.

LEM Vol 211 Playlist
  1. Longeez – Crime
  2. Yung Singh – Bheer x Ladbroke Grove (Yung Singh Edit)
  3. Tafi & Green Door Allstars – Deka Worwor
  4. Tafi & Green Door Allstars – Nobody Knows
  5. Yeahman & Hajna – Miniyamba (ft. Mina Shankha)
  6. DJ Maars – On It
  7. La Récré – L’An 2000
  8. Emma Noble – Table Dancers (Smoove 7” remix)
  9. Vilimmer – Vorfreude
  10. Stuck Sunsets – The Girl Ruins The Room
  11. Beauty In Chaos – Temple Of Desire (Boxcutter Mix) ft. Rafe Pearlman
  12. Pela – Here Where The Story Ends

The artwork for this volume is by Elizabeth Conte “PO 15 A” 2004 5’ x 6’.9” acrylic, charcoal & ink on canvas. Courtesy of Norman B’s collection

LEM Vol 211


Life Elsewhere Music Vol 210

Hello there, in this volume we begin where we left off in volume 209 with the very impressive October And The Eyes the talented artist from New Zealand, now based in London. The cut is titled Dark Dogs from her Dogs and Gods EP. Next, a dash on over to the city by the bay, San Francisco to hear from French Cassettes with Santa Cruz Tomorrow by way of their album, Rolodex. Here is a band I wanted to find fault with for no other reason than they sound so accomplished. Good work, French Cassettes. Over in London, Dominic Wolf says this, “I write songs, press buttons, sing and play instruments”. Nothing to argue with there. His song Perfect suggests we should keep a lookout for more from Dominic Wolf. Dublin is a thriving center of creative energy where Pillow Queens is based. About their album, In Waiting they say, “It’s an album about the in-between; the transitionary period of an adulthood that never seems to arrive, while you wait for that lightbulb moment when everything makes sense, even though part of you knows deep down it will never come”. They have a lot more to say, but first, you need to hear their music, so we give you two in a row, A Dog’s Life and Holy Show. Staying in Ireland, here is a captivating performer, Denise Chaila from County Claire. From her latest album, Go Bravely, I selected, Chaila where the Limerick-based, Zambian-Irish rapper, singer, poet, grime, and hip hop artist chides us for not knowing how to pronounce her name. Denise has a number of videos available including a couple of dazzling live performances of Chaila. And, yet another video I came across of Denise Chaila features an Irish singer-songwriter we focused in on about three years ago, Sorcha Richardson. Back then she was based in Brooklyn, but now she appears to be back home in Dublin, once again making perfect, but albeit sad love songs. Sorcha’s latest is The Starlight Lounge, proving she has a keen ear for what makes a good love song work and how to perform it exquisitely. From the Emerald Isle, we travel south to Spain where four young musicians are displaying their considerable talent with the new album, Self Worth. They are Jazz Rodríguez Bueno, Carla Pérez Vaz, Leia Rodríguez Bueno, and Victor Álvarez Ridao who together are known as Mourn. We first played Mourn when they were exceptionally young, they still are young and This Feeling Is Disgusting will explain why you need to investigate more of their music. Sparky is the title of Nuha Ruby Ra’s latest single. It shouldn’t take you long to determine if you identify with the title. And by that I mean it depends on if you are in the position of giver or taker. Nuha Ruby Ra is based in London and enjoying a lot of well-deserved attention recently. I prompted you over a year ago to keep a lookout for her, this is an artist I’d like to get your feedback on. And, Nuha Ruby Ra is a talent I’m positive is quite splendid live. How awful is it that we are still in this horror-story of a pandemic, so the likelihood of enjoying Nuha Ruby Ra in concert could be a long way off? The same goes for any of the artists I feature on Life Elsewhere Music, not least of all a trio who have managed to release an upbeat, danceable track based around how Covid is effecting us all…yes, it’s Josh Idehen, Shanaz Dorsett & Tom Leaper,  AKA Benin City with Get Your Own. Big favorites here at Life Elsewhere  Towers are Benin City. Once again they demonstrate how good they are at conjuring up a delicious mixture of commentary and danceable beats. We stay in London for the next cut, a new one from Dry Cleaning with Scratchcard Lanyard. A band that has been around for a little while and continues to release exciting new music. You are advised to check out their back catalog and the video for Scratchcard Lanyard. I’m not sure if it’s homemade, but it’s definitely worth a look. Deliberately mixing up the genres, next we go to Austin, Texas to hear from Alex Maas with Been Struggling. His album, Luca is a solid collection of mostly plaintive songs, finely represented by the video for Been Struggling. The mysterious images evoking a sentimental mood, perfectly in keeping with Alex’s music. El Perro del Mar is the musical project founded in 2003 in Gothenburg, Sweden by its sole member, Sarah Assbring. Her album is titled Free Land, the cut we play is Dreamers Change The World. A fascinating album, some might say difficult or hard to categorize and I say that’s just what we need. Holiday music is not up there on my list of music to select for you, id fact I’ll be honest, I usually avoid anything that has a hint of jingle-jangle. There are exceptions, of course, the enterprising folks over at Memphis Industries have come up with an intriguing compilation of mostly original holiday songs in aid of Crisis’ Home for All Campaign. Titled, Lost Christmas: A Festive Memphis Industries Selection Box, I’ve selected a cut by Rachael Dadd (with Rozi Plain & Kate Stables with We Build Our Houses Well. That one takes up to the closing credits and as always, we wish you well and ask that you stay safe and, always be nice. Thank you for listening.

LEM Vol 210 Playlist
  1. October and the Eyes – Dark Dog
  2. French Cassettes – Santa Cruz Tomorrow
  3. Dominic Wolf – Perfect
  4. Pillow Queens – A Dog’s Life
  5. Pillow Queens – Holy Show
  6. Denise Chaila – Chala
  7. Sorcha Richardson – The Starlight Lounge
  8. Mourn – This Feeling Is Disgusting
  9. Nuha Ruby Ra – Sparky
  10. Benin City – Get Your Own
  11. Dry Cleaning – Scratchcard Lanyard
  12. Alex Maas – Been Struggling
  13. El Perro Del Mar – Dreamers Change The World
  14. Rachael Dadd (with Rozi Plain & Kate Stables – We Build Our Houses Well

The artwork for this volume is by O. E. Mason “Rotting Fruit” 1999 4’ x 5’ (detail) Giclée print on archival paper. Courtesy of Norman B’s collection

LEM Vol 210

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