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The Blurred Line Between Fantasy And Reality


How many times during the past twelve months, when reflecting on the run-up to the Presidential election, have you thought, “This is too fantastic to be true”? The ongoing shenanigans by the most unlikely of Presidential candidates, now President-elect and the perpetual circus surrounding him, has perplexed even the most revered brainiacs. The conundrum of fantasy vs. reality is a mainstay of another cultural phenomenon, Science Fiction. With a salute to irony, we could not help from noting that as 2017 begins what we can only expect to be a roller-coaster ride of fantastical proportions, January the 2nd is designated National Science Fiction Day. While not an official holiday of any sort, the day is unofficially celebrated by many science fiction fans in the United States. The date was chosen to correspond with the official birthdate of famed science fiction writer Isaac Asimov. A staunch supporter of the Democratic Party during the New Deal, Asimov remained a political liberal through his life. He considered himself a feminist even before Women’s Liberation and his last nonfiction book, Our Angry Earth (co-written with his long-time friend, science fiction author Frederik Pohl), deals with elements of the environmental crisis such as overpopulation, oil dependence, war, global warming, and the destruction of the ozone layer. It’s fitting then, that we should start 2017 with an edition of Life Elsewhere devoted to Science Fiction. Four, well-respected masters of the genre will join us, Christopher Mari, Jeremy K. Brown, Kameron Hurley and Meg Elison. The four authors each have a captivating perspective on our world and the blurred line between fantasy and reality.

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The Year At Life Elsewhere

2015 was an eventful year at Life Elsewhere. We covered a vast array of topics and interviewed a stellar line-up of guests. Beginning in January, Norman B proclaimed Unbecoming, the debut novel by Rebecca Scherm, “One of the best books this year!” Sadly, the year had only just got underway, when news arrived of the death of George Romansic, an important figure in the early Seattle music scene. Norman gave a moving tribute. Photojournalist, Lynsey Addario recounted her graphic stories from the front-line inAfghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Darfur and the Congo in her book, It’s What I Do: A Photographer’s Life of Love and War. A fitting subtitle for an investigative book on the “plush toys”, better known as Beanie Babies could be The Dark Side of Cute, bestselling author, Zac Bissonnette gave us the detailsEverything you want to know, everything you didn’t know about David Bowie’s songs, were explained by Chris O’Leary the author of Rebel RebelThat’s Not English said Erin Moore in her book on Britishisms, Americanisms, and What Our English Says About Us. The legendary Wreckless Eric told stories about his early days at Stiff records. Comedy writer Jon Macks reflected on Monologue: What Makes America Laugh Before Bed. Growing up in the delta of Arkansas, Brandon Wallace, knew only two things about himself: he was called to ministry and he was attracted to the same sex. He talked about coming out and his book, Straight-Face The curious case of Sepp Blatter and FIFA was clarified by Eight By Eight creator Robert Priest. Talented Norwegian singer-songwriter Siv Jakobsen entertained with her music and observations. Heavy Metal guitarist, Marty Friedman talked frankly about life after Megadeth. Award-winning wildlife expert, Gareth Patterson spoke lovingly of his work with African lions and the death of Cecil. Frank Jenkinson shared memories of shooting photos of the then-fledgling and later influential British band, Killing Joke. British-American musician Zuzu caught Norman B’s attention, resulting in an engaging interview. And to round out our year at Life Elsewhere, acclaimed caricaturist Steve Brodner gave his definitive appraisals of the GOP Presidential candidates. 

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Welcome To Life Elsewhere 2015

N & J Brooklyn Rook 12.28.14
As the new year gets underway, we are planning future editions of Life Elsewhere guided by your comments and input. We’ve taken careful note of what you enjoy most about our radio show. Your big favorites are:
Norman B’s in-depth interviews with celebrated names from the world of popular music including,  Gary Wright, Barzin, Sir Mix-A-Lot, John Byrne Cooke, Glyn Johns, Martin Atkins, Michael Des Barres, Martin Youth Glover, Jeremy KolosinePatrick O’Neil and Ian McLagan. Expect more up close conversations with a wide variety of musical luminaries.
Serious and controversial topics also scored high with listeners, like our shows on Transgender IssuesAutism, Same Sex Marriage, Drugs and Racial Divide. In upcoming editions of Life Elsewhere, we’ll ask the questions about subjects other magazine programs choose to avoid.
Our host’s ability to make guests feel comfortable and secure enough to bare their souls is peerless.  His style itself was rated by listeners as a compelling reason to listen to Life Elsewhere.  His conversational skill also gets high marks from the people he’s interviewed — Nicholson Baker, Mark Haskell-Smith, Peter James, Eric Kaplan, Masha Gessen, Allen Salkin, Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz, Jesse Bering, Jeffrey Kluger, Paul Greenberg, Audrey Bilger, Antoine Wilson and Shira Tarrant to name to a few.
We were deeply flattered by this comment from a regular listener.  To that listener and every one of you, we’d promise we won’t let you down.  For 2015, we’ve booked an intriguing line-up authors, experts and commentators.  With them, will have more of what you love about us — the kind of conversations that make Life Elsewhere a radio show, as another listener put it, “unlike any other”.
PS: The photo above shows Life Elsewhere host and creator, Norman B with his son James on a Brooklyn rooftop, December 28th, 2014. We chose this image because like James’ deft handling of his GoPro, we are intent on bringing you a different perspective on all the topics we air on Life Elsewhere 2015.

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100 Shows & Counting!

The photo gallery above illustrates just some of the notable guests who have appeared on the first 100 editions of Life Elsewhere. As 2015 approaches and we prepare for many more editions of Life Elsewhere, we are going to take our first break from regular broadcast on Monday, December 29. The show will continue in the new year with more acclaimed guests, divergent topics and ground-breaking interviews.

Thank you to all of our guests who helped set Life Elsewhere apart from other radio shows. And, a very big round of appreciation to our listeners who have enthusiastically shown their support for a program that dares to be different.