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Happy Birthday Mac!

Jo Rae Di Menno & Ian Mac McLagan

May 12 is the birthday of Ian Patrick ‘Mac’ McLagan. Just a week or so before Mac’s birthday in 2014, Norman B ran into his old art school friend at a prestigious charity event in Seattle. In the green room, backstage at the Experience Music Project Museum, the two silver-haired Londoners, chatted away, reminiscing and agreeing they should record their conversation. “We’ll have a fireside chat via Skype!” chuckled, the always effervescent McLagan. Some weeks later, after Mac returned from being on the road, a recording session was arranged. The fireside chat went so well, Mac suggested he and Norman get together again for another lengthy recording. The second fireside chat was recorded later in the year, at the time when Ian released his latest album, United States and was about to embark on a tour with Nick Lowe. On the day of the recording, Mac was his usual characteristic happy self, making quips and pointedly ribald jokes. During the dialogue, the topic of age came up. Ian McLagan spoke seriously for a moment but managed to make light of the fact that he’d be ancient if he ever was able to pay off his second mortgage.

The fireside chats with Mac were lengthy, so we aired them in segments. As December 2014 arrived, we were about to air the final segment, when a brief email arrived from Mac’s Press Agent, “Sorry, Norman” it read, “You need to know that Mac has died!” Mac’s Press Agent Jo Rae Di Menno was also one of his best and most trusted friends. As Mac’s birthday is almost here we asked Jo Rae to share a few memories of her always smiling friend. In the next edition of Life Elsewhere, we pay tribute to Ian McLagan.

Photo of Jo Rae Di Menno & Ian Mac McLagan used by kind permission of Theresa DiMenno

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Wreckless Eric. Jon Macks. Jonathan Gottschall.




The next edition of Life Elsewhere features one of popular music’s most iconic figures, Wreckless Eric. Recently, Norman B had the good fortune to make contact with Eric, who agreed to “have a little chat”. That little chat turned into over three hours of recording with Eric recounting his early days in the music business. In Part One of Norman B’s exclusive interview with the man who penned Whole Wide World, you’ll hear stories of Eric‘s intent on being a pop star, the first record he bought and his thoughts on the many cover versions of the song, as he says, every garage band learns to play. He goes on to tell of boldly walking into Stiff records, not realizing the fellow in the natty suit, who announced he would produce Eric‘s record was Nick Lowe!

Tonight Show veteran and seven-time Emmy nominee, Jon Macks explores the world of late night monologues and comedy, as well as the surprising wide influence these comedy shows and their hosts wield over life the United States. Jon talks engagingly to Norman B about his new book Monologue: What Makes America Laugh Before Bed.

Jonathan Gottschall, pushing forty, out of shape, and disenchanted with his job as an adjunct English professor, works up the nerve to join a Mixed Martial Arts school. This led to him thinking about, the more disturbing aspects of male behavior, in turn he tried to discover what attracts us to violence and how we keep violence in check. The result was his new book, The Professor in the Cage: Why Men Fight and Why We Like to WatchListen as Jonathan explains to Norman B how Romney almost won the Presidential election as he faced off as if in a fighting match with Obama.

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