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Good Good Music

Discovering new music has been a passion, if not an obsession for Norman B since, well since as far back as he can remember. The last couple of years or so have delivered a fabulous array of exciting new music, including Hugh, Zuzu, Sorcha Richardson, Barzin, Siv Jakobsen and recently, Spartan Jet-Plex along with Good Good Blood. The latter two acts are on the very wonderful Fox Food Records out of the UK. Now this is where things can get a little complicated, Spartan Jet-Plex is one of the many curious aliases Nancy Kells uses. Ms. Kells in any of her non-de-plumes makes excellent music which she releases through the above mentioned Fox Food Records, which happens to be the brainchild of one James Smith. And James has a band called Good Good Blood who have a new EP, Motion Sickness. And this is a collaboration between James Smith, Nancy Kells of Spartan Jet-Plex and Catherine DeGennaro  and Suzy Jivotovski of GRNDMS, (another Fox Food signing). We hope you are following along with this? These talented musicians have produced a superb set of songs on Motion Sickness by sending their tracks to and fro over the cloud. Hear the results on the next edition of Life Elsewhere. Plus a revealing interview with legendary music writer, Gene Sculatti author of Tryin’ to Tell a Stranger ‘Bout Rock and Roll: Selected Writings 1966-2016.

Samana is another new music discovery you’ll hear in an upcoming edition of Life Elsewhere. Frankie and Rebecca of Samana talk with Norman B about their nomadic life traveling around Europe, being in touch with nature, creating their beautiful, ethereal, haunting music and settling in an ancient stone cottage in the remote Brecon Beacons area of South Wales. Plus, revered author, Nicholson Baker, always a favorite guest on the program, will talk about his new book, Substitute – Going To School With A Thousand Kids. It’s a meticulously detailed account of his 28 days working as a K-12 substitute teacher in a Maine public school district. All this and more, in upcoming editions of Life Elsewhere.

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Nancy Kells Deserves Your Attention

Nancy studio 1

“You must have lived many lives to write such emotive songs?” Says Norman B in his in-depth and revealing interview with Nancy Kells. The Virginia-based singer-songwriter hints that love and break-ups have provided them with plenty of material to work with. Nancy’s prodigious output came to our attention as Spartan Jet-Plex on the remarkable Fox Food Records. They can also be found using the monikers Noxon Light UniversityLegendary Thunderbirds of Death!Zilla-Plex, and collaborating with other talented musicians they have met on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Facebook. The seemingly shy, almost self-effacing musician writes beautifully (and by their own admission), sad songs. Nancy Kells’ music is way above average and deserves your attention. Make sure you don’t miss Norman B’s interview with Nancy and hear tracks from their forthcoming album titled Get Some on Life Elsewhere Music Vol. 9.

Life Elsewhere Music, our new weekly, one-hour radio show, and Podcast, curated by Norman B where you’ll hear new, obscure, rare, unique, and extraordinary music; hits of the future; artists who deserve your attention, and timeless recordings you probably missed. For example:

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Life Elsewhere Music airs every Wednesday at 3.00pm PT on NWCZ Radio and available on Mixcloud and Life Elsewhere Music page.

Music Should Be An Interpersonal Dialogue

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 5.28.33 PM

Sorcha Richardson, the extraordinarily talented Irish-born singer-songwriter is one of our favorite discoveries of the past year or so. So, we were especially delighted when a package arrived from Sorcha, containing a thumb-drive with a new song, beautiful limited edition artwork she has created and a hand-written, heart-felt letter. Here is an excerpt:

The music that I’ve been working on lately feels a little more personal than anything I’ve done before. I’ve been wondering what to do with it, as sending it into the blogosphere and hoping someone heard it just didn’t feel right. So, after mulling it over, I decided to do this! I wanted you to have as intimate of an experience hearing it as I had making it. “Walk Away” is the first in a collection of songs that I’ll be releasing later this summer, but I wanted the people who care about my music, and who’ve helped me out in the past to get to hear it first before it’s released. I really believe that music should be an interpersonal dialogue and not just a one-way street from creator to a listener.

Make sure you join us for the next edition of Life Elsewhere as we share with you, Walk Away, a new unreleased song from Sorcha Richardson.

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Did you miss Norman B’s poignant recollections and interviews with the sadly departed David Bowie? Perhaps you forgot to tune in to hear award-winning author, Colin Woodard talk about his timely new book, American Character: A History of the Epic Struggle Between Individual Liberty and the Common Good. Or, were you distracted when Robert Hunziker a freelance writer and environmental journalist insisted the next Presidential election will be the most important in our lifetime? The acclaimed caricaturist, Steve Brodner has appeared on the program a number of times, we hope you didn’t miss his graphic description of Mr. TrumpDr. Rogy Masri, of Doctors Without Borders explained in gut-wrenching detail his work with vulnerable migrants and refugees in Tripoli, Lebanon. A compelling account you need to hear. Noted gay activist, Peter Tatchell made a controversial decision in a landmark case, his explaination may surprise you. Singer-songwriter, Amy Rigby, talked openly about love and relationships. These are just a few of the insightful and often moving interviews you could have accidently missed. Norman B’s engaging interviews with authors, including Nicholas PetrieGeorge Hodgman, Katherine ZoepfRebecca Scherm, Jon Macks and Lynsey Addario, to name just a few are essential listening. Then, there is the wonderful new music Norman B selects, it would be a shame if you missed any, including: PolyensoWolftyla Max JuryAnnabel JonesFleurieSorcha RichardsonZuzu and Siv Jakobsen.

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On Age & Youth. The Conversations & The Music.


The photo above of two smiling, bespectacled and silver-haired chaps, was taken last year, on a mild sunny, winter’s day, in Hudson, upstate New York. The occasion was the first time Wreckless Eric and Norman B had met face to face. Fueled by many cups of espresso, their long animated conversation covered topics as diverse as the pitfalls of pop stardom to the pratfalls of politicians. Because they enjoyed each other’s company, Eric and Norman agreed to continue their vibrant conversation as often as possible. So it came to be, just one day ago, after returning from a European tour to promote his excellent new album AmericaWreckless Eric called Norman B  catch up and chat. The conversation immediately focussed on the horrible news of David Bowie‘s passing. Both Eric called Norman were in unanimous agreement on the importance of Bowie, not only on culture but also in their own lives. As they continued reminiscing, the dialogue inevitably turned to the omnipresent topic of age. The author of the ubiquitous Whole Wide World did not hesitate in expressing his disdain for aging rock stars who wear wigs and other age-defying props. Hear what other barbs Eric comes up with in the next edition of Life Elsewhere, where we also preview a couple of tracks from America.

From a dialogue centered on age, we turn to a celebration of youthfulness and an in-depth conversation with Sorcha Richardson. The Dublin-born, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter caught Norman B’s attention  with her single, Petrol Station. “This is an artist to watch!” Says, Norman B. “Her music is full of emotion and describes real life events. Don’t overlook this exceptional talent!”  Sorcha chats with disarming honesty, touching on her background, writing songs, love affairs and her dad’s passion for Bob Marley and The Doors.

Life Elsewhere airs:
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