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A Critical View On Art, Argument, Culture & Society

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“Looking around, a lot of the writing on art, culture, music, and politics seems to be coming from the same hymn sheet of careerist backslapping and uncritical thought. Come on people, let’s bring some real ecstatic petulance, atavistic joy and just plain old inspiring writing back into the mix”. That’s a quote from the About page of Trebuchet, the online magazine with the tagline, A critical view on art, argument, culture and societyAnd this is to encourage you to go visit Trebuchet, a magazine that champions contemporary art, activist politics, and ecstatic music. Trebuchet is a creative magazine minus the lifestyle upsell. The mission is to feature exciting writing about cultural intersections: people and power, art and consumer, music and the listener. A Human Instinct For War is the title of Norman B’s latest contribution to Trebuchet Magazine.