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Show #393 Rudy Tambala on A.R. Kane, Jübl & The Business of Life

Show #392 The New Map & White House Inc

Show #391 A Conversation With Kris Kozajtis

Show #390 The Secrets Of Groceries & The Passion For Baking

Show #389 Martha Graham, The Dancing Diplomat. A Tribute To Toots

Show #388 Us & Them & Them & Us

Show #387 Conversations On Fascists & Fascism 

Show #386 The Artist Who Says The Art World Isn’t A Good Place For Artists

Show #385 A Conversation With Richard Price

Show #384 A Conversation On Life In Isolation With Five Creatives. Plant Love. Healthy Skin.

Show #383 Baseless & Unidentified

Show #382 A Conversation With Michael Bentham

Show #381 Two Disturbing Books. An Impressive Movie. Plaintive New Music.

Show #380 Too Fantastic To Be True

Show #379 Streetlight Harmonies

Show #378 A Deadly Virus & A Disturbing Truth

Show #377 Two Compelling Books

Show #376 Bad Books, Bad Movies & Polite Behavior

Show #375 A Conversation With The Shend

Show #374 The Food Of Dictators. The Music Of Love

Show #372 A Conversation With Harry Stafford

Show #373 The Way Of Birds. The Ways Of Prue

Show #371 Hyper Education & The Twitter Exile

Show #370 Changing Covid-19 With Music

Show #369  Jailhouse Psychiatry During Covid-19. The Story Of Coffeeland.

Show #368 A Conversation With Slum Of Legs

Show #367 A Self-Isolating Conversation With Dr. Binoy Kampmark

Show #366 Two Cultural Phenomena with Carolyn L. White & Andy Greene

Show #365 How To Enjoy Social Distancing with Bob Ross, Dr. Jennifer Mercieca, Dave Hill, Mark Haskell Smith & Adrienne Raphel

Show #364 Pandemics & Human Evolution. Shakespeare In A Divided America

Show #363 Madame President? Fearless Cooking. New Music

Show #362 Life Elsewhere’s Juke Box Jury with Robert Newman, Mark Haskell Smith & Sylken Somers

Show #361 A Conversation With Sylken Somers

Show #360 A Tribute To Andy Gill with Jon King & Simon Reynolds

Show #359 Two Questions About Love with Laura Palmer, Sylken Somers, Ronny Elliott, Robert Newman, & Dr. Jennifer Mercieca

Show #358 The Negativity Effect & Standing Out with Roy F. Baumeister, Jamie Mustard

Show #357 A Rare, Intimate Conversation With Colin Moulding

Show #356 Another Conversation With Martin Atkins

Show #355 A Conversation With Walter Lure

Show #354 Predictions & Resolutions Benjamin Dreyer, Arlo Parks, Mark Haskell Smith, Binoy Kampmark, Agustin Fuentes, Bob Ross, Erika Bach & Ronny Elliott

Show #353 Peter Bergen. Jordan Ellenberg. Tana French. Matilda Mann. 

Show #352 Belief & Climate Change

Show #351 A Private Conversation With Amy Rigby

Show #350 Demystifying The Science Of Hearing + Olivia Taylor Smith – What Do You Do?

Show #349 Nature’s Lessons & A Surprising Label

Show #348 A Test On Morality In The Age Of #MeToo

Show #347 Frank, Honest, Real, Authentic & Phony

Show #346 Unprecedented Times

Show #345 Antisocial! Interlude! Kavanaugh!

Show #344 The Assange Problem

Show #343 A Conversation With Martin Metcalfe Of Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie

Show #342 Angry, Yet Scathingly Funny

Show #341 A Conversation With David J On His Most Personal Album, Yet

Show #340 Escaping Scientology + The Ten Pillars Of Fascists Politics

Show #339 See Jane Win & Strange Harvests. Two Important Books On Our World, Now

Show #338 Dispelling The Myths Of Thomas Cromwell – Redux

Show #336 Another Conversation With Nathaniel Popkin

Show #335 Summer Rayne Oakes. J Ryan Stradal. Gafacci

Show #334 A Conversation With Wreckless Eric

Show #333 Reggae + Passion = Brighton

Show #332 A Conversation With John Robb

Show #331 The Killer. The Auteur. The Relationship.

Show #330 The Hurricane Hunter

Show #329 A Conversation With Vanessa Briscoe Hay

Show #228 A Conversation with Kristin Hersh

Show #227 Vices & Taboos 

Show #326 Two Books, Two Conversations

Show #325 Another Look At The Headlines + A Conversation With Ani DeFranco + New Music From Tiawa

Show #324 A Conversation With Klive & Nigel Humberstone of In The Nursery

Show #323 A Conversation About PTSD + A Tribute To Ian Mac McLagan

Show #322 The Stonewall Anniversary + A Conversation With m1nk

Show #321 Bob Ross. Binoy Kampmark. Monica L Smith. Verdigrls.

Show #320 Two Extraordinary Stories + One Important Song with Sonia Purnell, Leander Kahney & Josh Idehen of Hugh

Show #319 David R Dow + Phoebe Coco

Show #318 Another Look At The Headlines with Dr. Binoy Kampmark

Show #317 Robert Hunziker. Anissa Gray. Clive Thompson.

Show #316 A Conversation With Bruce Pavitt. The founder of Seattle’s famed Sub Pop Records

Show #315 The Last Act + Understanding The Suffrage Movement + Wild Hxmans with Brad Parks, Sally Roesch Wagner & Christian Kjellvander

Show #314 Two Fascinating Books + New Music with Brian Switek on Skeleton Keys – The Secret Life Of Bone & Elaine Weiss on The Woman’s Hour – The Great Fight To Win The Vote + new music from Dragon Welding, the solo venture by Andrew Golding of The Wolfhounds 

Show #313 A Conversation With Calvin Johnson, musician & founder of Olympia, WA based K Records

Show #312 Actually, I Mean, It’s Very, You Know, Kind Of… A Conversation with Random House Copy Chief, Benjamin Dreyer

Show #311 Relationships with Colombian author, Amalia Andrade & author Christopher Castellani

Show #310 Chris Wilson, Cal Newport, A Tribute To Albert Finney + New UK Music 

Show #309 What’s On My Butt with author & Podcaster Hillary Frank & A Conversation With Thomas Pitts of Auld

Show #308 Should We Ignore The Prophecies Of Doom? with Professor Steven Pinker & American History You Should Know with author David Treuer

Show #307 Remembering Elvis – singer-songwriter, Ronny Elliott recalls meeting & taking photos of his idol & music journalist, Gillian Gaar on her book, Return Of The King

Show #306 New London-based singer-songwriter, Arlo Parks talks openly about her music, life & influences. Hope Ewing discusses her new book, Movers & Shakers – Women – Making Waves In Spirits, Beer & Wine

Show #305 2018 Redux with Robert HunzikerElaine WeissCristin O’Keefe AptowiczRichard PriceDr. Jennifer MerciecaDavid ShieldsAmy RigbyCamille PerriMark Haskell SmithRudy TambalaPaul GreenbergSlippery EyesColin Moulding, & Adam Morris

Show #304 The Annual Life Elsewhere Holiday Gift Show with guests, Miriam Seidel, Robert Newman, Dr. Joseph Baskin, Mark Haskell Smith, Arlo Parks & Norman B

Show #303 Jewels. Genes. Gifted. Curator, Stanton Thomas explains Radiant Masterworks By Jean Schlumberger From The Mellon Collection at The Museum of Fine Art, St. Petersburg, Florida + author, Robin Cook talks about, Pandemic his latest novel & the problems with health care in the USA

Show #302 Remembering Pete Shelley, a personal memory of the late Buzzcock + Poetry: The Ultimate Freedom, Richard Price, poet and member of The Loss Adjusters shares his thoughts

Show #301 Samuel Katz co-author of Beirut Rules: The Murder Of A CIA Station Chief & Hezbollah’s War Against America + Hamish McKenzie on Insane Mode: How Elon Musk’s Tesla Sparked An Electric Revolution To End the Age of Oil + new music from Londoner Arlo Parks

Show #300 David Shields on his new book, Nobody Hates Trump More than Trump: An Intervention Gillian Gaar on her latest, World Domination – The Sub Pop Records Story

Show #299 A Story Of Violence & RedemptionThe Chaos & Unknowing Of Contemporary Life Two exciting debut novels from Sarah St. Vincent & Adam Nemett

Show #298 Graphic Design In The Age Of Unrest + Dispelling The Myths Of Thomas Cromwell Political graphics discussed by acclaimed creative director Robert Newman & Diarmaid MacCulloch on his new book Thomas Cromwell: A Revolutionary Life 

Show #297 Real Life Zombies + An Absorbing Saga + New Music Science writer, Matt Simon on Plight Of the Living Dead – What Real-Life Zombies Reveal About Our World & OurselvesNatasha Solomons on her historical novel, House Of Gold plus new music from London three-piece, The Loss Adjusters

Show #296 A Conversation With Walter Lure, the guitarist from the infamous 1970’s New York band, The Heartbreakers talks about sex & drugs & rock ‘n’ roll. Plus music from his new album, Wacka Lacka Boom Bop A Loom Bam Boo

Show #295 Top crime-fiction writers, Tana French on her new novel, The Witch Elm and Peter James on his latest, Absolute Proof. Plus, A new musical discovery, Emma Forman from Scotland

Show #294 Puzzling Electorial Behaviour, Explained + Tom Petty Karaoke By Amy Rigby Award-winning journalist, Ben Bradlee Jr. on his new book, The Forgotten: How the People of One Pennsylvania County Elected Donald Trump and Changed America + The highly-acclaimed singer-songwriter, Amy Rigby on her tribute song Tom Petty Karaoke

Show #293 A Conversation With Colin Moulding The legendary bass-player for XTC talks candidly about the past, his music and his latest project TC&I with former XTC drummer, Terry ChambersTC&I

Show #292 Obstructing Justice + The Man With A Very, Very Big Brain + A Passion & An Obsession with Ron Fein on The Constitution Demands It – The Case For The Impeachment Of Donald TrumpDr Justin Frank on Trump On The Couch & Madeline Puckette on Wine Folly: Magnum Edition: The Master Guide

Show #291 Escaping Scientology + Ten Pillars Of Fascism + Satu with Michelle LeClair on her memoir, Perfectly Clear – Escaping Scientology & Fighting For The Woman I Love. Yale professor, Jason Stanly on How Fascism Works – The Politics Of Us & Them. Plus new music from Londoner, Satu

Show #290 Capone & Ness Vs. Trump Mueller + Gad Whip Authors Max Allan Collins and A. Brad Schwartz suggest there are parallels. Plus Pete & Lee from UK alternative band Gad Whip talk about music, influences & politics

Show #289 The Definitive History Of Scarface & The Untouchable with Max Allan Collins and A. Brad Schwartz on Scarface and the Untouchable – Al Capone, Eliot Ness, and the Battle for Chicago

Show #288 An intimate and candid conversation with famed bass-player of Bauhaus and Love & Rockets fame, David J

Show #287 The Russian Asset + The Inner Life Of Sci-Fi Fans with Craig Unger on House Of Trump, House Of Putin:The Untold Story of Donald Trump and the Russian Mafia Miriam Seidel on The Speed Of Clouds

Show #286 Serious. Seriously. Seriousness. Ron Fein on The Constitution Demands It – The Case For The Impeachment Of Donald TrumpVince Beiser on The World In A Grain – The Story of Sand and How It Transformed CivilizationBecky Aikman on Off The Cliff – How the Making of Thelma & Louise Drove Hollywood to the Edge

Show #285 Two Experts On Two Important Topics Dr. Binoy Kampmark warns of nefarious use of medical data on the dark web. Psychiatrist, Dr. Joseph H. Baskin on suicide in the age of Trump. New music from m1nk and Christopher Port

Show #286 Serious. Seriously. Seriously.

Show #284 Guilty Pleasure & Starting Over Amy Kaufman on her book, Bachelor Nation: Inside the World of America’s Favorite Guilty Pleasure & Miriam Parker on her debut novel, The Shortest Way Home. New music from Soach

Show #283 Conversations With Paul Greenberg & Slippery Eyes The best-selling author of Four Fish and American Catch, Paul Greenberg talks about his latest book, The Omega Principle – Seafood and the Quest for a Long Life and a Healthier Planet. Portland-based, Slippery Eyes on their debut EP, Take Care, Be Well

Show #282 A New Age Of Protest & For My Next Trick – Nathaniel Popkin co-author of Who Will Speak For America? Jim Steinmeyer, co-author of The Secret History of Magic: The True Story Of The Deceptive Art

Show #281 Very English Reactions with authors, Tim Orchard & Peter James plus punk legend, Rat Scabies on the visit of Donald Trump to the UK


Show #280 Chloe Benjamin on her brilliant novel, The ImmortalistsKatja Pantzar on her new helpful book, The Finnish Way Rebecca Makkai on the powerful novel, The Great Believers chronicling the AIDS epidemic from its initial outbreak to the present. Plus new music from Slippery Eyes

Show #279 A Conversation With Rudy Tambala the noted musician talks about A. R. Kane & Jübl plus he candidly reveals the making of the influential 12″ EP, Lollita

Show #278 A Beautifully Complex Debut + Extraordinary Music with Elizabeth Tan, author of Rubik plus music from JüblA. R. Kane & Grand Pax

Show #277 Funny, With A Message with Camille Perri on When Katie Met Cassidy, her comedic love story between two women & Mark Haskell Smith on his latest sexy romp of a novel, Blown 

Show #276 The Brain + Math + Natasha Tells All! with Norman Doidge, on The Brain’s Way of Healing: Remarkable Discoveries and Recoveries from the Frontiers of NeuroplasticityJordan Ellenberg on How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking and Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni on After Andy – Adventures In Warhol Land

Show #275 The Misunderstood Affliction with Julie Rehmeyer on her moving biography about an illness science didn’t understand. Plus music from London courtesy of Sunken and Chloé Leone 

Show #272 A Compelling Story Explained + A Vulnerable & Insightful Voice with Philadelphia-based author, Nathanial Popkin and new singer-songwriter, Rosie Peppin

Show #271 The Artful Storyteller Avoids Disclosing The Plot Twist with best-selling author Tom Rachman. Plus Itanianesque music from Dizzyride

Show #270 The Poet, The Author & The Eccentric Physician with Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz on her new collection of poems, How To Love The Empty Air & her compelling non-fiction book, Dr. Mütter’s Marvels: A True Tale of Intrigue and Innovation at the Dawn of Modern Medicine.

Show #269 The Science Fiction Special with top writers of the genre, Christopher Mari, Jeremy K. Brown, Kameron Hurley, and Meg Elison discuss fantasy vs. reality

Show #268 The Language Divided & A Musical Discovery with linguist Lynne Murphy on her book, The Prodigal Tongue & Canadian singer-songwriter Kaiya Cade on her album Cade & a revealing interview

Show #267 An Uncompromising Memoir & A Bewitching Album with Anya Yurchyshyn on her memoir, My Dead Parents and Canadian singer-songwriter, Kaiya Cade on her album Cade.

Show #266 The Human Condition with Clare Mackintosh on her new psychological thriller, Let Me Lie, Ellen Weinstien on her new book, Recipes For Good Luck – The Superstitions, Rituals, and Practices of Extraordinary People. Plus a review and examples of Wreckless Eric’s latest album, Construction Time & Demolition.

Show #265 A Cavalcade Of Curiosities Eclipse An Untimely Death A conversation with Dr. Binoy Kampmark on the death of hacker Adrian Lamo and a look at recent headlines

Show #264 The Marquis & A Cat With A Fetish musician, actor, & radio host Michael Des Barres gives his opinions & author Thomas McNamee on The Inner Life of Cats – The Science and Secrets of Our Mysterious Feline Companions

Show #263 Women Didn’t Count At All with Elaine Weiss, Sorcha RichardsonKatherine ZoepfAudrey BilgerLynsey Addario, Fanni GreenRebecca Scherm and Dana Gavanski

Show #262 Passion & Discovery with Steven Watson of Stack, new music from Adia Victoria plus a commentary on guns

Show #261 A Man Reluctant To Share Of Himself with Logan Famer aka Monarch MTN on his latest album I Woke At The Station

Show #260 The Underlying Theme: Relationships with Chloe Benjamin on her book, The Immortalists Ryan McIlvain on his book, The Radicals plus new music from Monarch MTN

Show #259 What Is Your Favorite Love Song? & Why? with Amy Rigby, Wreckless Eric, Terry Morgan, Mark Haskell-Smith, Tim Orchard, Leaone, Ronny Elliott, Steve Brodner, Brendon Hock & Adam Morris

Show #258 Reality That Reads Like Science Fiction & Fiction That Reads Like Eccentric Reality with authors, Alanna MitchellTim Orchard, plus new music from Stick In The Wheel

Show #257 Amy Rigby, It’s A Pleasure singer-songwriter Amy Rigby talks about her new album The Old Guys and her rock ‘n’ roll life on the road

Show #256 Three Female Authors with Katherine ZoepfKaren Stabiner, & Dava Sobel

Show #255 Shithole = Weaponized Communications with Dr. Jennifer Mercieca Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at Texas A & M University and Dr. Rogy Masri of Doctors Without Borders

Show #254 The Life Elsewhere Predictions Show with Steve BrodnerRobert Hunziker, David Ulin, Lucia Graves, Philip Kennecott & Remy Carrerio

Show #253 The Phenomena Of Trump & The Tweets Of Mr. Hill Top comedian Dave Hill on why he Tweets to Donald Trump and he talks about his bands, Painted Doll and Valley Lodge

Show #252 Gordon Raphael: The Interview with musician & producer Gordon Raphael, plus a sneak preview of an extended interview with comedian Dave Hill

Show #251 Life Elsewhere Annual Holiday Gift Show with Robert Newman, Amy Rigby, Agustin Fuentes, Mark Haskell Smith & Remy Carreiro

Show #250 Sexual Misconduct: The Questions & The Answers with Remy Carrerio & Karrin Vasby Anderson

Show #249 Journalist Remy Carrerio on How Misogynistic Male Reporters Shaped The Coverage Of The 2016 Election. Plus new music from Stella DonnellyAcesBobby Kakouris

Show #248 Interview with Gillian Gaar on her new book Hendrix: The Illustrated Story

Show #247 Interview with David Neiwert on his book Alt-America: The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of TrumpNeiwert & new music from Copenhagen-based singer-songwriter, Ellis May

Show #246  Three Topics with Ryan Stanier on The Other Art FairLucia Graves on sexual misconduct & Stella Donnelly with a song about victim-blaming 

Show #245 Deborah Parker & Mark Parker on Sucking Up: A Brief Consideration of SycophancyAmy Dickinson on her new book, Strangers Tend To Tell Me Things: A Memoir Of Love, Loss, & Coming Home. Plus new music from Londoner’s Majik

Show #244 Power, Corruption & Lies with anthropologist Agustín Fuentes  frequent contributor,  Dr. Binoy Kampmark plus new music from Turnover

Show #243 The Real Tony Montana(s) with Roben Farzad author of Hotel Scarface Where Cocaine Cowboys Partied and Plotted to Control Miami Spud Goodman on The Really Real Spud Goodman plus new music from Grayson Gilmour

Show #236 Women In Politics with Guardian writer, Lucia Graves on Hilary Clinton’s post-election book. Plus new music and interview with Dana Gavanski

Show #235 Can Broadcasting Become Dangerous? & The End Of An Era? with Lucia Graves, Robert Newman & Dana Gavanski

Show #234 Gritty, Unflinching, Name-Dropping & Juicy! New Movies & New Music with Jarett Kobek, Bob Ross, Bunny & Dana Gavanski

Show #225 Art & Activism with Stephen Duncombe, co-founder of The Center For Artistic Activism & award-winning illustrator, David Cowles

Show #201 Goodbye 2016! As 2016 came to an end, the sad news of David Bowie’s untimely death arrived. 

Show #197 A Conversation With Barzin Toronto-based singer-songwriter-poet, Barzin on the death of Leonard Cohen, his own music, poetry and writing the soundtrack for a movie. Plus, the always cool, mild-mannered Barzin offers a glimpse into the Canadian view of recent political events south of the border.

Show #189 A Female Demagogue + Trumpery Dr. Jennifer Mercieca, Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at Texas A & M University answers the question, can a female be a demagogue? Plus, Bryan Kozlowski, on his new book, What The Dickens?! Distinctly Dickensian Words And How To Use Them 

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