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Nine + Reasons To Visit Back.

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BACK. is the last page at this site. So, we called it BACK. ’cause its at, well…the BACK. This is where Norman B, the creator and host of Life Elsewhere brings you his curated selection of links. From photography to furniture, artworks to architecture, fashion to folklore, at BACK. you’ll always find intriguing places to visit, new music to explore and the occasional critical observation. Go to BACK. and enjoy the adventure of discovery.

Obama’s Historic Speech Opens The Show

The most recent edition of Life Elsewhere opens with a tribute to President Obama‘s historic impromptu speech, produced by Norman B and Jacob Barrens.

Also in the show, we hear from publisher, Angela Brewton on the President’s speech; Professor Charles H. Rose explains “Stand Your Ground” law; famed rocker and actor, Michael Des Barres discusses 70 being the new 40 and Mick Jagger‘s birthday; distinguished art director, Robert Priest of Priest + Grace along with Huffington Post‘s head of design, Josh Klenert review the controversial Rolling Stone cover. Plus The Hit That Never Was, featuring a very rare Stones 45. Listen to the full show here


Don’t Miss This One!

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Download the latest edition of Life Elsewhere now! We turn the spotlight on President Obama‘s historic impromptu press conference. Publisher Angela Brewton offers her well-considered opinion on the subject. Professor Charles H. Rose explains the “Stand Your Ground” law. Mick Jagger turning 70 is appraised by long-time rocker and noted actor, Michael Des Barres. The controversial Rolling Stone cover featuring the Boston bomber is discussed by famed art director, Robert Priest and Josh KlenertHuffington Post‘s acclaimed head of design. All this plus The Hit That Never was featuring a very rare Rolling Stones single from 1964. Download the Podcast here