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Where Do We Go From Here?

“May 21, is my birthday. Every year on Life Elsewhere, we create a show around it. One year a professor who specializes in ancient Roman history explained with peculiar enthusiasm, how the Romans celebrated their birthdays…the conversation quickly turned into an almost x-rated play-by-play account of ancient Roman’s predilection for excessive hedonistic pleasures. Then there was the time a renowned astrologer talked about star signs…that conversation managed to wander off into a startling prediction that a certain Mr. Trump’s signs were so well-aligned, he could be President…if he ever chose to run. Last year I talked about the music that changed my life…So, here we are again, another year has passed, yet this year is different…this birthday is a big one! I’ve debated with myself as to how I should handle this on the show…Age is just a number people say, we all get old, it’s part of life…a good friend of mine, who happens to be a few years younger than me, has acknowledged he is getting old by producing a witty cartoon series, titled Drifting Into Old Age. He is embracing the ironies of getting old..er…pointing out the inevitable, albeit with a slight nod and wink. So the debate for me has been, do I shout out from the rooftops…or do I let another year gracefully pass on by?”
Norman B, May 21, 2017

Norman’s birthday is the theme for the second half of the latest edition of Life Elsewhere. In the first part of the show, Norman asks frequent contributor, scholar & expert in Global, Urban and Social Studies, Dr. Binoy Kampmark to help us understand what in the world is going on? Almost moment by moment there is breaking news surrounding the Trump administration. What’s it all about and where do we go from here?

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Obama’s Historic Speech Opens The Show

The most recent edition of Life Elsewhere opens with a tribute to President Obama‘s historic impromptu speech, produced by Norman B and Jacob Barrens.

Also in the show, we hear from publisher, Angela Brewton on the President’s speech; Professor Charles H. Rose explains “Stand Your Ground” law; famed rocker and actor, Michael Des Barres discusses 70 being the new 40 and Mick Jagger‘s birthday; distinguished art director, Robert Priest of Priest + Grace along with Huffington Post‘s head of design, Josh Klenert review the controversial Rolling Stone cover. Plus The Hit That Never Was, featuring a very rare Stones 45. Listen to the full show here