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Does God Exist?

What would it take to prove the existence of God? This question and the consequences of its answer lies at the heart of Absolute Proof, the new thriller from bestselling author, Peter James. To provide absolute proof of a divine existence would trigger worldwide instability, with every one of the major faiths laying claim to such evidence by whatever means necessary. James’ new book was inspired by an unforgettable, Real-life phone call he received nearly 30 years ago. An always fascinating story-teller, Peter James returns to Life Elsewhere to tell this, and other intriguing stories about his extensive global research and finally the writing of this ambitious stand-alone thriller. “Currently, 84% of the world’s population has faith of some kind.” Says Peter James, adding, “But, are they right to have that faith, or are they deluded? I hope this book will make everyone who reads it think, perhaps in a new way, about a very ancient topic.”

Plus, we have discovered Emma Forman, a talented singer-songwriter, based in Scotland. She has a large catalogue of music available, most produced in the last year or so. Her work is clearly personal, she bares her soul about love and all the complications that come with desire and passion. We are impressed with Emma and think you will be too. In this edition, you’ll hear Not An Angel from Emma’s latest album As Strange As Fiction.  To hear more from Emma Forman pop on over to Life Elsewhere Music Vol 103.

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An Author, Two Creative Directors And A Food Writer Select Books For Christmas

Life Elsewhere, the top-rated radio show on Arts, Media and Culture, presents the perfect Christmas gift solution…books! On the next edition of Life Elsewhere four brilliant creative minds will offer their smart, entertaining and fascinating ideas on what books to buy and ask for this Christmas. Los Angeles based author, Mark Haskell-Smith, who’s new book Raw, A Love Story (which should be on everyone’s list), offers his witty ideas. Robert Newman, the highly regarded creative director of The Village Voice, Details, New York, Real Simple and many more, gives his well-considered suggestions. Food writer and blogger, Laurie Winer will enthrall not just foodies with her noteworthy gastronomic list. We will also hear an engaging list of book suggestions from pre-eminent New York creative director, Robert Priest  who has skillfully guided the design of major publications such as Newsweek, Reuters and Oprah Magazine, and with his partner Grace Lee has just launched a new publication about soccer called Eight by Eight.

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