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The Caricaturist & The Tastemaker

Illustration by Steve Brodner for The Nation

Illustration by Steve Brodner for The Nation

Caricature is a subcategory of illustration, it’s about finding the narrative elements within a portrait and making them clear as tools in making literal and figurative points. When done for publication, it is not merely about making big things bigger and small things smaller. It is storytelling. This involves knowledge about what is under the surface of a face and teasing it to the top. Caricature is not the destination. It is the journey. It’s the bike you ride.” The words of famed caricaturist, Steve Brodner, a popular guest on Life Elsewhere. This past week, we asked Steve to put his words to work by watching the most recent GOP debate in Las Vegas and report back with a caricaturist’s take on the characters at the podiums. Brodner took to the task gleefully and next day, ready for the interview, he was bubbling over with brilliant observations of the potential Presidential candidates. His unyielding descriptions of Trump and Cruz and Carson and the rest of the parade, confirm he has a seriously keen eye and biting sense of humor. Don’t miss caricaturist Steve Brodner’s beautifully nuanced and unforgettable depictions in the next edition of Life Elsewhere.

With the big seasonal Holiday less that a week away, Norman B wanted to discover new ideas for a Christmas dinner. So, we called upon David Sax, author of The Tastemakers. This is the man who set about learning “Why we’re crazy for cupcakes and fed up with fondue.” David offers advice with an amiable wit and he has a few surprising truths about what we eat, how we eat it, and why. Join us for the next edition of Life Elsewhere, as we make a meal out of Holiday dinners.

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A Human Instinct For War is the title of Norman B’s latest contribution to Trebuchet Magazine.


The Best List Ever!

On the latest edition of Life Elsewhere four creative guests share their brilliant ideas for Christmas gifts. Robert Newman, highly regarded Creative Director who has steered the look of The Village Voice, Details, New York, Real Simple and more, offers his intriguing list, including two books designed specifically for children. Popular Los Angeles based author Mark Haskell-Smith comes up with an entertaining and witty selection. Long-time journalist and co-founding editor at the Los Angeles Review of Books, Laurie Winer concentrates on must-have books about food and cooking. Pre-eminent Creative Director, Robert Priest who has skillfully guided the design of major publications such as Newsweek, Reuters and Oprah Magazine presents a cerebral selection that is as fascinating as it is insightful. All this plus, a special Christmas Hit That Never Was. Links to all the books featured on Life Elsewhere can be found here. Download the Podcast here. Go to the WMNF archives here.

An Author, Two Creative Directors And A Food Writer Select Books For Christmas

Life Elsewhere, the top-rated radio show on Arts, Media and Culture, presents the perfect Christmas gift solution…books! On the next edition of Life Elsewhere four brilliant creative minds will offer their smart, entertaining and fascinating ideas on what books to buy and ask for this Christmas. Los Angeles based author, Mark Haskell-Smith, who’s new book Raw, A Love Story (which should be on everyone’s list), offers his witty ideas. Robert Newman, the highly regarded creative director of The Village Voice, Details, New York, Real Simple and many more, gives his well-considered suggestions. Food writer and blogger, Laurie Winer will enthrall not just foodies with her noteworthy gastronomic list. We will also hear an engaging list of book suggestions from pre-eminent New York creative director, Robert Priest  who has skillfully guided the design of major publications such as Newsweek, Reuters and Oprah Magazine, and with his partner Grace Lee has just launched a new publication about soccer called Eight by Eight.

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