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Nine + Reasons To Visit Back.

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BACK. is the last page at this site. So, we called it BACK. ’cause its at, well…the BACK. This is where Norman B, the creator and host of Life Elsewhere brings you his curated selection of links. From photography to furniture, artworks to architecture, fashion to folklore, at BACK. you’ll always find intriguing places to visit, new music to explore and the occasional critical observation. Go to BACK. and enjoy the adventure of discovery.

The Best List Ever!

On the latest edition of Life Elsewhere four creative guests share their brilliant ideas for Christmas gifts. Robert Newman, highly regarded Creative Director who has steered the look of The Village Voice, Details, New York, Real Simple and more, offers his intriguing list, including two books designed specifically for children. Popular Los Angeles based author Mark Haskell-Smith comes up with an entertaining and witty selection. Long-time journalist and co-founding editor at the Los Angeles Review of Books, Laurie Winer concentrates on must-have books about food and cooking. Pre-eminent Creative Director, Robert Priest who has skillfully guided the design of major publications such as Newsweek, Reuters and Oprah Magazine presents a cerebral selection that is as fascinating as it is insightful. All this plus, a special Christmas Hit That Never Was. Links to all the books featured on Life Elsewhere can be found here. Download the Podcast here. Go to the WMNF archives here.

Listen While You Work

Listen While You Work is a new page at Life Elsewhere, dedicated and devoted to esteemed Creative Director Robert Newman. A frequent contributor to the Life Elsewhere radio show, Bob Newman has shared his insights on trends in graphic design, censorship and even love. When we learnt Bob had an accidental fall, which resulted in him being in a coma for a week or so, then confined to bed for much longer, we asked how we could help. Many of Robert Newman‘s other friends felt the same way, the result being the very wonderful, My Favo(u)rite Magazine. Norman B made Listen While You Work, a special downloadable Mix for the subscribers to the magazine, you can read all about it here.