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An 8 Year-Old Liar & What Is Art?


In the next edition of Life Elsewhere we’ll hear from Fayette Fox who says that before turning her hand to become an author she taught sex-ed to “untouchable-caste” girls in India. Fayette adds, she loves helping people, which is why she runs a business that creates the “right profile” for online dating sites! But, the main reason Fayette Fox will be on the program is to talk about her debut novel, The Deception ArtistThis is the story of Ivy, an eight year-old who has a fanciful imagination and, she likes to tell lies. Like Fayette, there is far more to the story than the first impression.

Life Elsewhere, being a program about Art, Media and Culture, we give a lot of thought to the ART part. Consequently, we have been asking some of our favourite contributors a simple question, What Is Art?

Joining the program to answer What Is Art? we’ll hear from David Warner editor-in-chief of Creative Loafing, Tampa; Martin Atkins, the legendary drummer for bands such as PiLKilling Joke and Ministry. Martin is also author of a number of books including, Tour: Smart: And Break the Band; highly-regarded, Brooklyn-based painter, Jeffrey Bishop and Patrick O’Neil, ex-punk and now author of the true story, Gun, Needle, Spoon.

Make sure you listen carefully, because we asked shoppers at a mall for their answers to “What Is Art?”  Some of the answers may surprise you.

Also in the program, this week’s Hit That Never Was features a selection from the British producers, known as Bent.

This will be a must-listen to show, make sure you tune in at 12 noon ET, Sunday, April 12 at The Source, WMNF HD3 and 5.00pm PT at NWCZ Radio

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101 Music Covers – Sexy Grandma – Late Night Outrage

Adweek music covers small2

In the next edition of Life Elsewhere, acclaimed Creative Director Robert Newman talks about his impressive and painstakingly curated article for Adweek titled 101 Kick-Ass Music Covers: The most awesome, iconic and controversial magazine images of the last 80 years. Newman, a regular contributor to Life Elsewhere tells Norman B he spent many late nights pouring over literally thousands of magazine covers to finally come up with his top 101. “A difficult and intimidating task”,says Newman“but some covers I just knew had to be included, like the brilliant and at the time, the outrageous Vanity Fair cover featuring Cindy Crawford (pretend) shaving K.D. Lange“.

Miami-based author, Shelly Gitlow explains her funny, racy new novel, Dispatches From Paradise.Gitlow has crafted a Sex In The City meets 50 Shades Of Grey scenario, with three distinct and unforgettable characters.

David Letterman announces his retireLimbaughment from Late Night:, a week later Stephen Colbert signs on to take over and one of America’s top comedians is outraged. We discuss with Creative Loafing’s Arts & Entertainment Editor, Julie Garisto.

Download A Debate About Florida…With…Wait For It…Positive Comments!

Florida: The Worst State? Download today’s show with guests David Warner, Janet Zink, Linda Saul-Sena and Drew Curtis. Plus, hear a montage of passenger comments at Tampa International Airport and a review of the Florida state song. Also, The Hit That Never Was featuring the late great Muddy Waters with his live rendition of “Deep Down In Florida”. Download Podcast here

Is Florida Misunderstood?

Seriously, you would have had to be living under a rock to not notice that Florida has been getting a bad rap as of late. On the next edition of Life Elsewhere we discuss the state of the state of Florida with Janet Zink, Director of Communications, Tampa International Airport; David Warner, Editor in Chief of Tampa Bay’s “Creative Loafing”; Drew Curtis, the founder of the community website FARK; Linda Saul-Sena, Urban Landscape & Community Advocate in Tampa Bay. Plus this week’s Hit That Never Was featuring the late, great Muddy Waters. Life Elsewhere, Mondays, 9.00am EST (1400 GMT) WMNF 88.5fm

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