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Russophobia Continues?


In the next edition of Life Elsewhere we explore Russophobia with Russian blogger Sergey Armeyskov. The author of  Russian Universe is fascinated with how the West sees Russia. We ask Mr. Armeyskov to share the Russian take on Russophobia, the Ukraine situation, anti-gay propaganda and homophobia.

Plus, Masha Gessen, gay Russian activist and author of The Man Without a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin and Dr. Jimmie Cain author of  Bram Stoker and Russophobia: Evidence of the British Fear of Russia in Dracula and The Lady of the Shroud

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Monday, March 17
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The Halloween Podcast

The Halloween Podcast of Life Elsewhere is now available for download. Listen and see if you can beat film critic Bob Ross in identifying the soundtracks of various genres of horror movies including the classics, the spoofs, modern gore hits, slasher movies and those odd early special effects classics.  Also learn about the myths behind Halloween with professor Verlyn Flieger. Plus, a Halloween special Hit That Never Was featuring Kate Bush.

Life Elsewhere Archives & Podcasts

In recent editions of Life Elsewhere, we’ve covered: Transgender Issues; Russophobia;  Vampire Obsessions; Dracula in the Movies; Gay Hate in Russia; Misunderstood Florida; Moral Outrage; Obama’s Historic Speech; the Zimmerman Aftermath, and much more, including The Hit That Never Was. Listen via the WMNF archives or download the Podcast

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Dracula, Vampires & The Movies

The latest edition of Life Elsewhere avilable now. Featuring, Dr. Jimmie Cain on how Russophobia influenced Bram Stoker in his creation of Dracula. Author Lyn Perretta explains an obsession with vampires and her book “The Shulim Cycle: The Book of Dahlia”. Renowned film & media critic Bob Ross on the cinematic Dracula. Plus The Hit That Never Was with an obscure Goth favorite, Richenel‘s “L’Esclave Endormi”. Podcast here

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