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An Intelligent Debate.

Mary Jane

Times, they certainly are a-changing. It was just a short while ago when The War On Drugs was a wedge issue garnering votes. Many perceptive observers believe a drastic change will occur with the legalization of Cannabis.

Is The War On Drugs being dramatically and rapidly replaced by a movement to Legalize Cannabis? Will the wide-spread acceptance of Cannabis use be a major issue in the 2016 Presidential election? In the next edition of Life Elsewhere we will present both sides of this important topic, which everyone appears to have an opinion on, yet few truly understand the facts. Join us for an intelligent debate with two experts who have opposing views.

Teresa Miller, a community volunteer for over 30 years,  decided to educate herself on the issues regarding legalizing medical marijuana. Based on statistics, studies and findings. Teresa Miller created the website RethinkPot.org, who’s slogan is, “If you don’t think legalizing marijuana will affect you…think again!”

Taking the opposing view is pre-eminent litigation attorney, Ted Corless, who has become an outspoken advocate for the legalization of Cannabis. Mr. Corless created News Munchies, a site offering “Stimulating and spicy commentary in order to find workable solutions to tomorrow’s most tenacious problems”.

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Traveling Sprinklers, Pony People and a Reading Festival

The Reading Edition of Life Elsewhere is available to download now. Norman B interviews Colette BancroftBooks Editor for Tampa Bay Times about the Festival of Reading, digital books and re-thinking reviews. Lynn Waddell talks about  Pony People and her book, “Fringe Florida – Travel among Mud Boggers, Furries, Ufologists, Nudists and Other Lovers of Unconventional Lifestyles”. Best-selling author Nicholson Baker discusses his latest book, “Traveling Sprinkler”, his writing process, music and selects this week’s Hit That Never Was.

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Read And Listen

Writing in The New York Times MagazineCharles McGrath says, Nicholson Baker is one of the most beautiful, original and ingenious prose stylists to have come along in decades”. Next up on Life Elsewhere, we are very pleased to welcome best-selling author Nicholson Baker to join us for an interview about his new book “Traveling Sprinkler” music and his writing process. Colette Bancroft, Books Editor for Tampa Bay Times will also join us to discuss the Tampa Festival of Reading. Plus, you’ll hear this week’s Hit That Never Was.

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Download Sir Mix-A-Lot & Thrash

The latest edition of Life Elsewhere is available for download, featuring the legendary Sir Mix-A-Lot who does not hold back in sharing his views on Syria, Gun Control, Ted Cruz, Obamacare and the President. Listen to Thrash aka Kris Weston, formerly of The Orb recall his time with the influential ambient band, Kris also discusses his new Kickstarter project. Jason Stewart president of TIGLFF (Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival) speaks about the upcoming event. Plus this week’s Hit That Never Was featuring a cut from Wire.

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In recent editions of Life Elsewhere, we’ve covered: Transgender Issues; Russophobia;  Vampire Obsessions; Dracula in the Movies; Gay Hate in Russia; Misunderstood Florida; Moral Outrage; Obama’s Historic Speech; the Zimmerman Aftermath, and much more, including The Hit That Never Was. Listen via the WMNF archives or download the Podcast

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