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The Brain + Math + Natasha Tells All!

            Norman Doidge, M.D., is a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, researcher, author, essayist, and poet, he joins Life Elsewhere to discuss his latest book The Brain’s Way of Healing: Remarkable Discoveries and Recoveries from the Frontiers of Neuroplasticity. “They thought that the brain was too sophisticated for its own good. That during evolution, it became so complex that it

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Preparing For Oscar, Enjoying Math, Bizarre Work, Liking Tumblr, And Much More

New recommendations for places to visit at BACK. Bizarre work and enjoying math and liking Tumblr. Very cool photography and video’s from a your Parisian. Excellent Art Magazine. A Tumblr about cats and gifs and music. More reasons to check BACK. The image above is by artist Federico Pietrella, who uses thousands  of carefully placed rubber date stamps to create

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