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Download A Debate About Florida…With…Wait For It…Positive Comments!

Florida: The Worst State? Download today’s show with guests David Warner, Janet Zink, Linda Saul-Sena and Drew Curtis. Plus, hear a montage of passenger comments at Tampa International Airport and a review of the Florida state song. Also, The Hit That Never Was featuring the late great Muddy Waters with his live rendition of “Deep Down In Florida”. Download Podcast here

Is Florida Misunderstood?

Seriously, you would have had to be living under a rock to not notice that Florida has been getting a bad rap as of late. On the next edition of Life Elsewhere we discuss the state of the state of Florida with Janet Zink, Director of Communications, Tampa International Airport; David Warner, Editor in Chief of Tampa Bay’s “Creative Loafing”; Drew Curtis, the founder of the community website FARK; Linda Saul-Sena, Urban Landscape & Community Advocate in Tampa Bay. Plus this week’s Hit That Never Was featuring the late, great Muddy Waters. Life Elsewhere, Mondays, 9.00am EST (1400 GMT) WMNF 88.5fm

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