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The latest Podcast edition of Life Elsewhere is available now, with Duncan Strauss, host of Talking Animals, New York Times Best Selling author Beth Hoffman, The Hit That Never Was, featuring Small Black and California-based writer Antoine Wilson. The Life Elsewhere Podcast can now be found at Stitcher, a wonderful new platform with a very clever free App. Add Life Elsewhere to your Stitcher playlist and help take us to the Top Show list!


Antoine Wilson On Fools, Symbolism, The Writing Process & Panorama City

Antoine“One of the most enchanting books I’ve read in a long time”, says Norman B of Antoine Wilson’s second novel, Panorama City. The California-based author joins Life Elsewhere to talk about Fools, Symbolism and The Writing Process, subjects all related to his extraordinary tale of Oppen Porter a twenty-eight-year-old, open-hearted, bicycle-riding, binocular-toting, self-described slow absorber.Porter relates a tale of self-determination, from village idiot to man of the world, for the benefit of his unborn son. Through the voice of one of literary’s unlikely heroes, Wilson manages to engage the reader with genius wit and brilliant observations.

Join Norman B for the next edition of Life Elsewhere with Antoine Wilson, also New York Times best-selling author, Beth Hoffman who is on a book tour promoting her new novel Looking for Me, while supporting and donating to Animal Shelters, Humane Societies and Pet Rescue. Plus the host of the popular radio show, Talking Animals, Duncan Strauss will stop by to recognize National Pet Month, talk pets and why we have them. All this and The Hit That Never Was featuring Small Black, requested by a listener in New Jersey who catches Life Elsewhere at Stitcher.


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No News Is Good News?

Are we better off not being informed by news? Cable news, of every persuasion manages to create drama out of the slightest tick. Network news continues to stumble and fail, while attempting to compete with The Daily Show and Colbert for quizzical content. Local TV news see nothing but murder and mayhem and the occasional cute puppy. What’s left of print media publishes regurgitated lackluster diatribes. Poor old radio-news is squished forlornly between mad-hatters on the commercial side or mostly dull plodding presumptuousness on the non-commercial outlets. And the blogosphere is seemingly overrun with gossip, innuendo, fairy tales and trite speculation. Should we be suspicious and critical of the news-reporting available? Are we receiving actual news or is it agenda-based entertainment, depending on the bias of the outlet? Could we make better decisions about politics and social matters if the news we receive was unadorned? Is that possible? Join us when we search for answers on the next edition of Life Elsewhere

Monday 9th at 9.00am EST

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