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Racism In America 2015

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As the 50th anniversary of Selma is commemorated, a video is posted showing members of the University of Oklahoma’s chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon gleefully engaged in a racist chant on a bus. Just a few days later, the chief of the Ferguson Police Department resigned, continuing a wave of high-profile exits following a scathing Department of Justice report on the city’s courts and police department. Nationwide scrutiny has been focused on the small Missouri city, since white police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed unarmed black teen Michael Brown. A Missouri grand jury declined to indict Wilson in November. These are just two of an alarming list of racist incidents making headline-news during the last 12 months.

Why does racism exist? Is ignorance the same as racism? Is the non-stop disrespect of Barack Obama unabashed racism? Can there be a future without racism? Next on Life Elsewhere we ask these and more inconvenient questions about Racism In America 2015, with special guests, Professor Gary Lemons, author of Black Male Outsider: Teaching As a Pro-Feminist Man, A Memoir and Fanni Green, Associate Professor of Theatre, Acting and Voice.

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Hear it as happens! Sir Mix-A-Lot runs over a possum while giving his views on George Zimmerman & Paula Deen. It’s the “Defining Racism” Podcast available now!

The topic of the latest edition of LE is Defining Racism, with one of our favorite guests, the man who always has well considered opinions, the one, the only Sir Mix A Lot. Hear the eloquent Mix talk on racism, while driving and running over a possum at the same time! Plus Don Daughtry, a white pastor of a black church, circa mid 60’s in Atlanta shares his views on racism and seasoned musician and impresario Terry Morgan also weighs in on the topic. Get the Podcast here

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