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Tales Retold From A Remarkable Culture


They are rich, extraordinary tales from ancient Inuit culture that tell of remarkable northern vistas, unfamiliar narratives, strange gods, and unforgettable characters where women can marry dogs, birds beat their wings so hard they create a storm, an old woman turns into a man, and a woman kills her daughter to take her place for a man’s affections and wears her daughter’s skin as a disguise. Poet, Richard Price has respectfully, (lovingly perhaps) taken three Inuit stories and retold them with a sensitive, yet earnest approach in his new book, The Owner Of The Sea. The London-based Price, also the lyricist and vocalist for The Loss Adjusters has embarked on what he considers a formidable endeavor by interpreting venerated tales from a remarkable culture. Richard is proud of his work, the time, and the effort he has spent in creating this book, but he admits to being apprehensive of the Inuit people’s response. “I hope I get their approval and know I’m in awe of their stories”, he says. During our conversation with Richard Price, he reads from his book, this is a treat. His original Scottish rouge comes to the fore in full effect. He brings the characters to life, they become believable, even though they engage in mystical and un-human-like behavior. These are strange stories, originally told as lessons or guidance, not unlike the more obvious religious books. Richard explains his love of poetry was inspired by music, “Sam Cooke and Bob Dylan” he announces spiritedly. The Owner Of The Sea is a perfect example of the man’s love of words, of language, of the enchanting stories of the Inuit people. 

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A Happy Conversation With Richard Price

“Poet Richard Price, Musician and Producer Roberto Sainz de la Maza, Singer Elisa de Leon. Recorded in a small studio in west London, a set of love songs, political songs, and something more mystical — Zen?” This short, self-description of The Loss Adjusters is like their debut album, perfect. And, like their music, it sounds familiar, yet you question why it works so well and so differently. Is it Richard Price’s poetic lyrics and haunting voice or Roberto Sainz de la Maza’s masterful production and orchestration or perhaps its Elisa de Leon’s inspired vocal contributions and rhythmic flourishes? The truth is, while you debate the effectiveness of the trio’s work, except that they have found a magic formula and it works…Zen? The title of their album is The World Brims, also the title of their first single which came to our attention some while back. We raved and invited Richard onto the show to talk about what we considered a marvelously different, yet extraordinarily accessible song. From that time until now we have been keeping tabs on The Loss Adjusters, eagerly waiting to get our ears around their debut album. Although we were already familiar with a couple of new cuts, the album as a whole is (as already noted) perfect. It didn’t take a lot of consideration to invite Mr. Price back onto the show. Our request went out, but intrepid Scotsman was rambling around on the Isle of Skye with his young son and Internet access was minimal, if at all. So, as soon as we knew the wandering poet was back in London we quickly scheduled a Zoom chat. As you will hear (and see) our conversation was certainly a happy one. Lots of smiles all around, even though at times we talk about dark and serious topics. The main thrust of our chat was to focus on the album, The World Brims, you’ll hear Richard’s passion for the music and the collaboration with his fellow bandmates. About poetry, Richard Price insists it is about three Ps Praise – Politics – Planet. On life in our world now, he barely hides his rage as he says, “We should never have been in the situation where we are protesting because the police are killing black people. What sort of society requires protest before anything would happen!”  Then, talking about music, Richard tells a story of being in Lisbon, Portugal, and hearing music emanating from a record shop that he just had to find out about. It was a Tuareg group, from the southwestern edge of the Sahara desert, named Tamikrest with the album, Kidal, named after their hometown. His enthusiasm for this compelling music intrigued us so much, we have included a cut in the show. As our title says, despite covering some of the darker sides of life, this was a happy conversation and we hope you will enjoy it.

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Poetry. It’s the Ultimate Freedom

Richard Price says, “When you call someone a poet, it’s like a praise word.” Price has a lot of thoughts about poetry and music and religion and life and, well…Richard is after all poet. He is also one-third of The Loss Adjusters. Their single, The World Brims came to Norman B’s attention a few weeks back. “It’s a fantastic piece of mesmerizing music,” the Life Elsewhere host says, “I couldn’t stop playing it non-stop. Then I wanted to know more. Who was behind it? We reached out and discovered the lyrics and vocals were by Richard Price.” The erudite Scotsman was invited onto the show to talk about his music and his poetry, but the conversation covered so much more. Price recalls how he was originally influenced by songwriters like Bob Dylan, Neil Young and, Leonard Cohen. Poetry, he says is a kind of urgency in writing. “One of the most important things about that blank page is I can write anything on there. It’s the ultimate privacy. It’s the ultimate freedom. To be able to control that blank space with something you have made. To shut out all the noises, the sorrows, and the anxieties”. On politics and poetry, Richard Price suggests, “Poetry allows you to think slowly and carefully, a lot of the political environment now, is about not thinking.” And, when considering lyrics set to music, he tells fellow Loss Adjuster, Roberto, “He can do whatever he wants with my words, he can mix them in, erase them, change them, I want the whole experience!” Richard is an intriguing conversationalist, a mind of splendid ideas. Make sure you do not miss the next edition of Life Elsewhere.

Richard Price recommends Poetry Magazine. And we recommend you visit Richard’s site, Hydro Hotel 


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