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The Old-Dude-Folkie & The Exuberant Rapper. Plus Disappearing Bees.

George Fuller is a talented singer-songwriter, who late in life, decided to put out an album of his own very personal work. He sent a copy to Life Elsewhere, requesting an honest appraisal. George’s efforts impressed Norman B enough to invite the musician into the studio for an interview to find out more about the man and his music. During a pre-interview conversation,  George Fuller nonchalantly mentioned that he had recently been

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Disappearing Bees. Plus, Mixing Musical Genres & Generations.

Bees are dying off like never before and it is a worldwide problem. Recent scientific research has zeroed-in on the culprits, which are neonicotinoids or “neonics,” which are pesticides manufactured by Monsanto and Bayer. However, the two manufacturers claim the pesticides are totally benign. A four-year study by the Task Force on Systemic Pesticides (“TFSP”), directed at how and why so many bees, butterflies

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The Earth Day Edition

“How many people wait with bated breath for Earth Day to arrive in April of each year? Who knows, but taking a wild guess, probably nobody. Earth Day kinda died out along with the fade-out of the counter-culture of the sixties and seventies. Today, they’re all grandparents and Earth Day has dissipated”. Wrote freelance writer and environmental journalist, Robert Hunziker in

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