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What Have You Learned Since 9/11?

Fifteen years have passed since that fateful day on September 11, 2001. Has time changed how we now understand the impact of those unprecedented attacks on America? If so, what have we learned since 9/11? In the next edition of Life Elsewhere we ‘ll pose this question to a distinguished panel of guests: Steve Brodner, political caricaturist, satirical commentator, and frequent

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“Thank You, For Reading My Book!”

“Thank you, for reading my book!” You’d think that would be an odd comment for an author to utter to a talk-show host. After all, if you are going to interview someone about a book they have taken the time to write, the least you could do is read it. The fact is, as most writers will tell you, talk-show

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Did You Miss Fact Or Fiction?

Life Elsewhere airs live at 9.00am ET, every Monday. Even though many, many listeners never miss a live broadcast, for some, perhaps in a different time zone, or maybe distracted with other obligations, don’t get to hear the show as we go out live. No worries, we have Podcasts available of every show and you can listen again (and again)

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Fact or Fiction?

Video game developer releases online game that charges Hollywood tycoon with abducting and murdering actress, hires eccentric lawyer to defend him in libel case! Music-nerds reinvent The Beatles, Devo, Kraftwek and Depeche Mode with re-tooled Game Boys, Ataris, Nintendo Entertainment Systems, Commodore 64 and Apple II 8-bit computers! Malaysian Flight MH17 shot down by Ukrainians, mistaken for Vladimir Putin’s aircraft,

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