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The Russophobia Podcast Available Now!


The Russophobia edition of Life Elsewhere with Russian blogger Sergey ArmeyskovThe author of  Russian Universe talks about his fascination with how the West sees Russia. Mr. Armeyskov shares the Russian take on Russophobiathe Ukraine situation, anti-gay propaganda, homophobia, Putin and Obama.

Plus, Masha Gessen, gay Russian activist and author of The Man Without a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin and Dr. Jimmie Cain author of  Bram Stoker and Russophobia: Evidence of the British Fear of Russia in Dracula and The Lady of the Shroud

This weeks Hit That Never Was features Jan Coo (Джан Ку) a Russian band hailing from St. Petersburg.

Download the Life Elsewhere Russophobia Podcast here



Life Elsewhere Film Edition

Promo 4.14.13
This week we’ve got actor Marty Kove calling in from Los Angeles. We’ve also got director and screenwriter for hit show White Collar, Travis Romero, calling us all the way from Bangkok. If that wasn’t enough we’ve got respected film critic, Bob Ross, in the studio with us commentating our interviews interview which also include words from actress/film producer Lorraine Ziff. And along with it all we’ve got director of the 8th Annual Sunscreen Film Festival sponsored by the Academy Awards, Tony Armer (visit tonyarmer.com)!