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Download Sir Mix-A-Lot & Thrash

The latest edition of Life Elsewhere is available for download, featuring the legendary Sir Mix-A-Lot who does not hold back in sharing his views on Syria, Gun Control, Ted Cruz, Obamacare and the President. Listen to Thrash aka Kris Weston, formerly of The Orb recall his time with the influential ambient band, Kris also discusses his new Kickstarter project. Jason Stewart president of TIGLFF (Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival) speaks about the upcoming event. Plus this week’s Hit That Never Was featuring a cut from Wire.

Download Life Elsewhere here

”My favorite hour of morning radio: Life Elsewhere with host Norman B. Essential listening!” – writes Robert Newman, esteemed New York Creative Director www.robertnewman.com

Essential Listening!*

On the next edition of Life Elsewhere, the legendary Sir Mix-A-Lot speaks his mind on Syria, Gun Control, Obamacare, Ted Cruz and the President. Thrash aka Kris Weston, formerly of The Orb recalls his time spent with the pioneering ambient band and explains his new ambitious Kickstarter project. Jason Stewart president of TIGLFF (Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival) will discuss the program for the upcoming festival. Plus, this week’s Hit That Never Was.

Life Elsewhere airs Monday at 9.00am EDT (1400GDT)

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* “My favorite hour of morning radio: Life Elsewhere with host Norman B. Essential listening!” – writes Robert Newman, esteemed New York Creative Director www.robertnewman.com



The Fact & Fiction Edition

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From Melbourne, Australia, distinguished expert on diplomacy, international relations and 20th century history, Dr. Binoy Kampmark joins the conversation, covering Chelsea Manning, Adrian Lamo, security clearance and Syria. Larry Reid, noted curator of Fantagraphics Books in Seattle, offers insight on graphic novels and the sub-culture of comic books. Plus, this week’s Hit That Never Was, “Brutal Hearts” by Bedouin Soundclash featuring Coeur de Pirate.

Life Elsewhere airs Monday, 9.00am EDT (1400 GDT)

WMNF 88.5fm 

streaming: http://www.wmnf.org

Should the Daleks Be Exterminated?

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In the latest edition of Life Elsewhere we talk with Edward Webb
Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Studies at Dickinson College. He contributes to Middle East Studies and Security Studies. He has particular interests in the interaction of religions and politics and the politics of education, as well as authoritarianism and empire. His interest in pedagogical applications of new technologies, including simulations, games, and social media, has led to him being appointed to the Advisory Board of the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education. A former diplomat, he has lived and worked in the Middle East and Europe. Recent publications: Professor Webb contributed a chapter on “Totalitarianism and Authoritarianism” to 21st Century Political Science: A Reference Handbook, edited by Ishiyama & Breuning (2011) and a chapter, “Should the Daleks Be Exterminated?” (with Mark Wardecker) to “Doctor Who and Philosophy”. We pose that question to Ed Webb. Listen to the full program here

What Do You Know About Syria?

Perhaps, we here at Life Elsewhere are as confused as you about Syria? Before we spoke to the experts to get the facts and details on what we should and need to know about Syria, we sent Jacob Barrens, our board operator out into the streets, to ask a random sampling of people questions. Here are their answers:

The full show on Syria is available here

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