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This week is all about the world of villainy. We have a stacked line-up for you with ex-con turned book author Patrick O’Neil on the line with us all the way from Los Angeles. Following Patrick we have Dr. Adrian Raine, professor at the University of Pennsylvania talking with us about his compelling new book titled “The Anatomy of Violence”. We’ve also got film expert Robert Ross in the studio with us, as well as film director Danny Buday giving us the cinematic perspective of villains. Also mixing things up, live in the studio we’ve got criminal defense attorneys, Sean McQuaid and L.T. Lafferty, giving us some insight on the logistics of those that lead a life of crime! Plus, as always, we’re bringing you this week’s Hit That Never Was.

Villains, villains, villains! Tomorrow morning—we talk villainy! Tune in, folks.

Tomorrow morning we’ve got a truly STACKED edition of Life Elsewhere. We are exploring the world of villains with some of the people with the best insight on the topic. On the phone with us all the way from Los Angeles, we’ll have film director Danny Buday talking about some of his upcoming films as well as his take on the topic of the week. We’ve also go ex-punk rock bang groupie/ex-drug addict/ ex-bank robber turned book author Patrick O’Neil speaking to us about his life after a life of crime.
From DC we’ve got criminology specialist Adrain Raine discussing his new book “The Anatomy of Violence” which was just featured on NPR’s Fresh Air broadcast.
Also LIVE in the studio with us we’ll have renowned film critic, Robert Ross with us accompanied by big name criminal attorneys Sean McQuaid and “L.T.” Lafferty giving a perspective on criminals vs. villains that you have never thought of !


“Anatomy of Violence” Information: http://www.npr.org/books/titles/180094330/the-anatomy-of-violence-the-biological-roots-of-crime

Information on Patrick O’Neil: http://patrick-oneil.com/

Information on Danny Buday: http://dannybuday.com/db/home.html


PLUS! As always, we’ll be bringing you this week’s Hit That Never Was. Send us you suggestions for the Hit That Never Was by writing to us at info@lifeelsewhere.co or by finding us at facebook.com/lifeelsewhereshow or by Tweeting at us @NormanBRadio.