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Life Elsewhere On Racism Selected By PRX

Life Elsewhere‘s program titled “Defining Racism” was prompted by the aftermath of the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial and Paula Deen‘s inflammatory language used in deposition. Our guests included Don Daughtry, a missionary who became the only white pastor at an all-black church in Atlanta, circa mid 60’s to mid 70’s. We also spoke with Terry Morgan, an African-American musician, impresario and promoter who has worked by and large with white artists for over thirty years. Plus regular contributor to Life Elsewhere, the legendary rapper, Sir Mix-A-Lot, well known for his thoughtful yet often controversial views, joined the conversation. Included in the show was a montage of voices, including President Obama, theatre professor Fanni Green and Norman B‘s son, James. The montage caught the attention of the curators at PRX, where it is now availablePRX Remix is a hand-picked collection of the best stories from PRX‘s community of producers and beyond. Remix is 24/7 stream of creative audio works, interesting podcasts, cool ideas, fascinating interviews, found tape, and intriguing sounds.

In the latest installment of BACK. you’ll find more intriguing links and a beautiful example of Maurice Deebank‘s music.

Thanksgiving Surprise.

Surprise! Not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving. On the next edition of Life Elsewhere, Professor Francois Grosjean explains what a Bi-Cultural Thanksgiving means. Surprise! Thanksgiving dinner may be the only time families actually sit down together to eat. John Sarrouf of The Family Dinner Project wants to change that. Surprise! You don’t have to eat turkey for Thanksgiving. Dinning expert, restaurant critic and blogger, Jeff Houck offers alternatives to the traditional Thanksgiving fare. Plus! The Hit That Never Was featuring Ray Davies of The Kinks with, wait for it, Thanksgiving Day!

The Thanksgiving Edition of Life Elsewhere airs 9.00am EST, Monday 25

WMNF 88.5 fm

streaming: http://www.wmnf.org

Veterans Day Edition


Life Elsewhere presents a very special Veterans Day Edition with thoughts from two Veterans. A monologue of remembrances about Norman B‘s Veteran father. Hugh Gusterson, Professor of Cultural Studies and Anthropology at George Mason University will help us try to understand why we have wars? What have learnt from centuries of conflict? And how can we better serve Veterans? Plus this week’s Hit That Never Was featuring The Twinkle Brothers

Life Elsewhere airs Monday, November 11 at 9.00am EST

WMNF 88.5.fm

Streaming: www.wmnf.org


Villains, villains, villains! Tomorrow morning—we talk villainy! Tune in, folks.

Tomorrow morning we’ve got a truly STACKED edition of Life Elsewhere. We are exploring the world of villains with some of the people with the best insight on the topic. On the phone with us all the way from Los Angeles, we’ll have film director Danny Buday talking about some of his upcoming films as well as his take on the topic of the week. We’ve also go ex-punk rock bang groupie/ex-drug addict/ ex-bank robber turned book author Patrick O’Neil speaking to us about his life after a life of crime.
From DC we’ve got criminology specialist Adrain Raine discussing his new book “The Anatomy of Violence” which was just featured on NPR’s Fresh Air broadcast.
Also LIVE in the studio with us we’ll have renowned film critic, Robert Ross with us accompanied by big name criminal attorneys Sean McQuaid and “L.T.” Lafferty giving a perspective on criminals vs. villains that you have never thought of !


“Anatomy of Violence” Information: http://www.npr.org/books/titles/180094330/the-anatomy-of-violence-the-biological-roots-of-crime

Information on Patrick O’Neil: http://patrick-oneil.com/

Information on Danny Buday: http://dannybuday.com/db/home.html


PLUS! As always, we’ll be bringing you this week’s Hit That Never Was. Send us you suggestions for the Hit That Never Was by writing to us at info@lifeelsewhere.co or by finding us at facebook.com/lifeelsewhereshow or by Tweeting at us @NormanBRadio.


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