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In recent editions of Life Elsewhere, we’ve covered: Transgender Issues; Russophobia;  Vampire Obsessions; Dracula in the Movies; Gay Hate in Russia; Misunderstood Florida; Moral Outrage; Obama’s Historic Speech; the Zimmerman Aftermath, and much more, including The Hit That Never Was. Listen via the WMNF archives or download the Podcast

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A Vampire Obsession?

“Dahlia is not your typical high school senior. While most teenagers view school as a drudgery that must be put up with, she revels in it. Only something is interrupting Dahlia’s normal pattern. Someone has decided to start murdering teenage girls at Eduli Springs High School and Dahlia suspects there is something far darker behind the atrocities than just a teenager’s frustrations”. From “The Shulim Cycle: The Book of Dahlia” by Lynn Perretta. On the next edition of Life Elsewhere, we talk with the author and ask, “Why did a nice, quiet, middle-class teenager feel compelled to write about Vampires?” 

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