Life Elsewhere Music Vol 225

As I was about to record my voice-over for this volume, the nice lady who runs the office downstairs below my loft came knocking at my door. “Hi Norman,” she said almost apologetically, “are you about to do some recording? You may want to wait for a while, we have some guys here about to install new equipment. They say there will be a lot of loud drilling and all kinds of banging and noises.” I’m still in isolation, the room I record in does not have adequate soundproofing, so I quickly recorded an intro and an outro, thinking I may be able to add my commentary later. As it happens, the drilling and hammering and banging went on for ages. I have no idea what they were installing. It’s kind of scary to think the nice lady from downstairs may have a penchant for building a dungeon or two!

Artwork by Charles Yamamoto “My god loves me, she will question you” 1989 6’ x 6’3” acrylic and gold flake paint on raw canvas. Courtesy of Norman B’s collection