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Conversations, Concerns & New Music

During Norman B’s recent month-long visit to his home country, England, he was asked by almost everyone he met, “What happened in the last Presidential election?” People across the Atlantic are genuinely mystified, confused and paying careful attention to what happens next. With that thought in mind, we called upon a favorite contributor to Life Elsewhere, writer and book critic,

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Letter From Home Part 3: All White, Alright?

Gleaming pristine white dazzles and dares you to upset its cool fabulousness. In almost every home I visited, white is the color of choice. Glossy smooth surfaces, sumptuous seductive leather, cozy cuddly cashmere, white is everywhere. Fittings, fixtures, and furniture are all determinedly white. Bathrooms are clinical and kitchens are like laboratories. All the homes I visited from stately Georgian

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Letter From Home – Part 2: English Gardens & American Yards

The first thing you need to know about gardens in England is, they’re not the same as gardens in the USA. There they are known as a yard. While a yard in England is certainly not a garden. A yard is a most likely a place you would store or dump things. Typically it would be an unattractive place, such

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