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During Norman B’s recent month-long visit to his home country, England, he was asked by almost everyone he met, “What happened in the last Presidential election?” People across the Atlantic are genuinely mystified, confused and paying careful attention to what happens next. With that thought in mind, we called upon a favorite contributor to Life Elsewhere, writer and book critic, David Ulin. With unbridled zeal, David offers his take on life after Trump. He controversially suggests the outcome of the last Presidential election is like this generation’s 9/11. “Nothing will ever be the same again!” He says.

While traveling around England, Norman B took the opportunity to interview face-to-face, guests who have appeared on the show. Up and coming singer-songwriter, Leaone met with Norman on an unusually hot summer day at a venerable London pub. They sat in the picturesque shaded garden of The Albion, in Islington. As they chat, you’ll hear all the ambient sounds and get a glimpse into the inner workings of a new aspiring talent.

Plus, Norman gives his review of a new double-sided single from Mick Jagger. Is it possible that the aging rockstar has made an important and serious commentary about what’s going on in the world? In his two new songs, Jagger touches on Brexit and the state of the world. To set the stage for Jagger’s new work, you’ll hear a very young Mick Jagger from 1966 talk about the social and cultural issues of that era. Perhaps we need to pay more attention to the 74-year-old rocker because he made saying more than artists half his age!

And, as a bonus, Norman introduces new music he believes you need to hear. From Nashville, The New Respects with Come As You Are, from their debut EP, Here Comes Trouble. The four-piece are a family affair, made up of three siblings, twins Alexis (bass) and Zandy Fitzgerald (guitar), along with their brother Darius (drums), and cousin Jasmine Mullen (vocals/guitar).

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