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The Life Elsewhere Predictions Show

A Caricature For President was the title of our 16th of August, 2015 edition of Life Elsewhere. We were being smart-alecks, ironic perhaps. Our intent was to focus in on how crazy things had become in the world of politics and in turn, how talented caricaturists and political commentators like Steve Brodner were having a field day. Looking back now,

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Conversations, Concerns & New Music

During Norman B’s recent month-long visit to his home country, England, he was asked by almost everyone he met, “What happened in the last Presidential election?” People across the Atlantic are genuinely mystified, confused and paying careful attention to what happens next. With that thought in mind, we called upon a favorite contributor to Life Elsewhere, writer and book critic,

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You Cannot Open A Book Without Learning Something*

The last Saturday in April is Independent Bookstore Day. In a world of tweets and algorithms and pageless digital downloads, bookstores are not a dying anachronism. They are living, breathing organisms that continue to grow and expand. In fact, there are more of them this year than there were last year. Take a look at the photo above, it shows

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An American Patriot With Outrage!

“I consider myself, an American patriot. I write this with no irony, although with plenty of outrage, a new outrage.” The stirring words of David Ulin in a vibrant essay titled, How To Be A Patriot In America for Literary Hub. David uses his well-honed literary skills to take us on a journey of discovery. Self-discovery. He uses the opera

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Holiday Gifts!

In the latest edition of Life Elsewhere, our distinguished panel of experts offered their suggestions for our Annual Christmas Gift Special. Each guest was asked to select three books and one non-book gift. Their choices were as different as they were intriguing. Peter James, best-selling author of the Roy Grace detective-thriller series:         The Burning Room – Michael Connelly A Year

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